We Tested the Spot Gen 3
18 Nov 2016

Gear for Gifts: We Tested the Spot Gen 3

We got to try out the SPOT Gen3 recently. This small device provides you with a life line when you are off grid and out of cell service range. We recommend this device, which you can purchase for only $170 (with some available for only $150) for affordable peace of mind if

Gear for Gifts: We Tried the SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker
12 Nov 2016

Gear for Gifts: We Tried the SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker

We can think of numerous reasons why you might want to invest in not just one, but several of these SPOT Trace handheld satellite tracers (only $120, or $100 at certain retailers). [Visit this site for a 50% off code from SPOT! ] The SPOT Trace is a cool, powerful and

Send Someone a Crate of Doom
04 Nov 2016

Gear for Gifts: Send Someone a Crate of Doom

We’d love to give an Acme Crate of Doom as a Gift. Better yet, we’d love to GET one as a gift! Check out the amazing stuff in this thing. The crate contains 12 weapons spanning human cultural and social history. Seriously. you can get this crate delivered with a

Lynx Credit Card Knife
02 Nov 2016

Gear for Gifts: Lynx Card Blade Knife by JHO

We became impressed with JHO’s Nug Knife and wrote about it a short while ago. That knife ended up selling our fairly quickly, but JHO now has a different model, the Lynx Knife, that would be a great gift. The Lynx Knife is $90 and is available in either satin or

Another Reason Why Seeds Should Be Part of Your Survival Kit
30 Oct 2016

Another Reason Why Seeds Should Be Part of Your Survival Kit

A lot of preppers have seed kits, which is a smart investment because if there really is a natural disaster or a societal breakdown, being able to grow your own food is going to be a key to survival. Gathering wild plants can work but if you don’t find enough

Make a Better Rainwater Collection System
21 Oct 2016

Build A Better Rainwater Harvest System

Have you seen the many rainwater collection systems that stores and catalogs are selling? Firstly, not only are they expensive and more designed for looks, they’re not very efficient. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we live were it happens to rain a lot from October through to May. It rarely

Wasteland-A Mad Max-themed festival
17 Oct 2016

Wasteland is an Awesome Mad Max Festival That Puts Burning Man to Shame

Festivals are no new thing nowadays. Burning Man and Coachella, two art and music festivals that take place in the desert, have become household names. There’s one though, that’s new but makes these other festivals look like picnics in the park by comparison. We’re talking about Wasteland, a Mad Max-themed

Best ATV Ever: The Ripsaw Supertank Extreme Vehicle
12 Oct 2016

Best ATV Ever: Ripsaw Supertank Extreme Vehicle

Twin brothers Mike and Geoff Howe are the masterminds behind Howe and Howe Technologies, makers of limited-edition, high-performance luxury vehicles. The Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) is a closed-cabin, high-mobility/high-speed lightweight “personal luxury tank” that we definitely want when the apocalypse hits. The vehicle was originally built for the military, and it

Book Review: Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering & Cooking in the Wild
11 Oct 2016

Book Review: Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering & Cooking in the Wild

We’re getting to know the Bushcraft series of books, because we already had “Bushcraft 101” by Dave Canterbury, then checked out “Advanced Bush Craft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival” by Dave Canterbury, published by Adams Media. Now we’ve gotten our hands on the new one,

Knuckle Knife By JHO Knives
03 Oct 2016

Add This Discreet Micro Knife to Your Everyday Carry

Whether you’re wearing this knife for discreet self-defense or for opening boxes, either way you’re going to get a quality knife in a tiny package. The JHO Nug Knife weighs 2.5 ounces (70 grams) and is only 2.2 inches by 1.22 by .47 inches (56 mm x 31 mm x 12