knife locking
15 Apr 2016

Knife Designer Creates New Custom Folding Knife Lock Design

In the folding knife business, there have been few changes in the design of locking mechanisms. You’ve got your liner locks, frame locks, lockbacks, slipjoints, buttons and the Axis and Arc type locking mechanisms from Benchmade and SOG. These locks are tried and true and have lasted throughout the years

home break in
13 Apr 2016

Your 8 Point Home Security Checklist

How would you break into your house? It might seem like a strange question, but it’s the best way to start the process of protecting your home from unwanted visitors. Check out some other preventive measures below for protecting your home. Alarms You can find low cost options that are

07 Apr 2016

Your Survival Skills Inventory: 7 Skills You Must Have

Are all 7 of these essential skills in your survival inventory? Taking some time to see if you’ve safely covered all of the essential elements of survival skills. 1 – Find and Keep Clean Water Water is critical to our survival and is a top priority if you’re faced with a natural

04 Apr 2016

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Smartphone “Flashlight” and Get the Real Deal

Let’s face it, many of us prefer convenience. Today’s technology has bundled our needs together into compact devices. We’re now able to call, read mail, news, and even navigate from one item in the palm of our hand. But all tools have limits, and our smartphones are no different. They’re

hiker on ice
19 Mar 2016

How to Rescue Someone Who Falls Through Ice

You need to know the critical steps and  how to avoid risking your own life in the process of rescuing someone from a fall through the ice. If someone falls through ice and you’re the only one who can save the victim, don’t rush to them. Don’t go near the

hiker on a summit
17 Mar 2016

Man Rescued after Icy Fall Thanks Cell Phone for Survival

A day hike nearly turned deadly for an Idaho man who fell down an icy slope on Indian Mountain in Southeast Idaho. According the the Idaho State Journal, the hiker has been identified as Gary Fitzgerald Jr. He was hiking alone on March 2 when he fell about 200 feet

hiking with a dog
13 Mar 2016

6 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Bugging Out

You want to be prepared to guide your family to safety if you need to bug out, but sometimes pets are family too. If you have a dog that never leaves your side, you need to plan for how to bring it along if you need to get away fast.

pig livestock
10 Mar 2016

5 Best Livestock Animals for Preppers

Are you ready to move beyond stacking cans on shelves? If you’re serious about survival, you might want to think about keeping some livestock for when things get ugly. Certain animals are better than others in providing vital food and other items we all need. It requires a balance of