10 Feb 2016

Blizzard Survival Tips: Best Tips for Enduring a Blizzard Storm

Surviving winter’s worst requires a combination of common sense, adequate preparation, and innovative use of everyday items. Here are some strategies for surviving the biggest blizzard Old Man Winter can dish out. What to Buy When  Blizzard is Approaching Buy a variety of items at the store. Think about bottled water, juice,

maxpedition shot show 2016
09 Feb 2016

Tactical Gear Steals Spotlight at SHOT Show 2016

Like many people, I spent a good deal of time perusing the internet looking at photos and videos from this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It goes without saying that I’m a gear nut and enjoy seeing the new equipment on display. Everything from packs to knives to electronics

08 Feb 2016

Canning Basics For Preppers: Do’s and Don’ts for Long-Term Food Storage

Simple canning basics for preppers will aid in making the process less intimidating. Canning is easy once you get the hang of it. What’s Canning and Why Do it? Canning is a procedure that applies high heat to food in closed jars to prevent spoilage from air and other microorganisms

04 Feb 2016

Can You Hear Me Now? 6 Emergency Communication Tools For Any Disaster

If you’re faced with an emergency, your traditional communication sources may not be available. What do you do if you need assistance? Consider using these communication devices to help you communicate with others and get the assistance you need. 1) Cell Phone Because you probably have your cell phone on

02 Feb 2016

Know This Before Carrying Concealed This Winter

Concealed carry becomes a little more strategic during the winter season. All spring, summer, and fall season was a far simpler when you wore less clothing and were ready for anything in the event you needed to rapidly reach for your weapon. The Distraction of Winter Weather Cumbersome clothing and

desert survival
28 Jan 2016

Headed for the Heat? Better Know These Seven Rules of Desert Survival

The desert is an incredible environment to explore. Rock formations, vibrant colors, and varied landscapes make the hiking experience incredibly rewarding. However, hiking in the desert comes with some serious risks. Even if you’re not planning to be gone for long, let someone know where you’re planning to hike and

21 Jan 2016

Why Every Survival Kit Needs Fire Starting Tools

If you are stranded in the wilderness, it is absolutely essential that you are able to start a fire. In many locations, temperatures at night can get dangerously cold. Even if the temperatures are not frigid, you still may be in danger. Hypothermia can occur in temperatures as warm as

storm causing power outage
19 Jan 2016

Winter Storm Warning: What to Do When the Lights Go Out

Preparing for unexpected power outages during winter is important so you’ll be better prepared for those long, cold hours of going without the modern conveniences we’ve all grown accustomed to. What should you do to better equip yourself in the event that your electricity suddenly goes out? Stock your home