Self Defense Tools You Can Take on a Plane
23 Jul 2016

5 Self-Defense Tools You Can Carry On A Plane

Traveling comes with a lot of challenges, especially when you may be worried ensuring your safety. Even though you can’t bring obvious self-defense weapons such as firearms or knives in your carry-on bag when traveling by plane, there are some effective tools you can pack for self-defense that are unlikely to arouse

Essential Items for Wilderness Survival
05 Jul 2016

Go Beyond the Survival Essentials

Having some basic survival essential items with you when you’re outdoors is a must and the key to outdoor success. The items you have with you should provide for your basic needs while out and about, both while things are going according to plan and when things get hairy. But

Tips on choosing a survival knife
30 Jun 2016

Choosing the Best Wilderness Survival Knife

A wilderness survival knife is an essential tool to keep in your bug out bag. It will help you perform a number of important tasks such as preparing food and cutting branches and rope. And it can be used as a weapon to protect you in case you’re attacked by

phone and knife for protection
18 May 2016

6 Everyday Carry Examples to Help You Plan

There will come a time when all you have at your disposal is what’s in your pockets. Preparedness begins with what you’re carrying. Some choose to go minimal with their EDC, while some carry the kitchen sink. Either way, it is essential to carry tools with you wherever you are.

female preppers warning
17 May 2016

Top 3 Items all Female Preppers Should Have

Female preppers have unique items to be mindful of when gathering essentials for emergency preparedness. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the generalities of stocking necessities in the event of a bug out, such as food, clothing, and supplies. What about the specific needs of women? The others

prepare car for breakdown
13 May 2016

Your “Don’t Leave Home Without It” Auto Emergency Kit Checklist

Gearing up for disasters both, big and small, entails a lot of forethought. All angles must be covered, especially when it comes to those things you will rely on most when it is most urgent. One of the most important things you will depend on during a crisis is your mode

match light in the darkness
12 May 2016

Are You Prepared for a Sudden Power Outage?

If the power goes out, will you be prepared? Power outages can happen for a number of reasons. Blown transformers, strong winds, natural disasters, and other situations can cause widespread power outages. The fact is that it doesn’t take much of a disruption to cause an unexpected power outage that

a foot injury
05 May 2016

The 4 Types of Items Every First-Aid Kit Must Contain

You could purchase one of many first aid medical kits on the market or you could build your own kit and be familiar with it. This is a good idea if there are special considerations as far as specific medicines you or your family requires. 4 Main Products for First-Aid

27 Apr 2016

Sabotaged Climbing Gear Serves as Warning for Online Buyers

A recent alert from Petzl has the climbing world up in arms and is serving as a reminder to use caution when purchasing gear your life depends on. Petzl recently found out that Aspir harnesses sold on eBay had been tampered with and posed a mortal risk to users. Petzl

knife locking
15 Apr 2016

Knife Designer Creates New Custom Folding Knife Lock Design

In the folding knife business, there have been few changes in the design of locking mechanisms. You’ve got your liner locks, frame locks, lockbacks, slipjoints, buttons and the Axis and Arc type locking mechanisms from Benchmade and SOG. These locks are tried and true and have lasted throughout the years