desert survival
16 May 2016

Grandmother Rescued after 9 Days in Arizona Wilderness

One woman recently learned the hard way how important it is to always be prepared for the worst. Ann Rodgers, 72, and her dog Queenie were rescued after spending nine days in the Arizona wilderness. On March 31, Rodgers was driving to visit her grandchildren in Phoenix when her car

lost in the woods
15 Apr 2016

4 Reasons You Should Carry a Personal Locator Beacon

A personal locator beacon (PLB) is a portable device that will transmit your location in case of an emergency so that rescue crews will be able to find you.  A personal locator beacon must be activated manually, and it transmits data to a satellite system, allowing rescuers to track your

07 Apr 2016

Your Survival Skills Inventory: 7 Skills You Must Have

Are all 7 of these essential skills in your survival inventory? Taking some time to see if you’ve safely covered all of the essential elements of survival skills. 1 – Find and Keep Clean Water Water is critical to our survival and is a top priority if you’re faced with a natural

07 Mar 2016

3 Pack Tests that Will Toughen You Up for Survival

Maintaining a healthy level of fitness is about more than just keeping your mind and body in good shape. Fitness is also part of being prepared for the unexpected. When the time comes, you need to be prepared to get places without a vehicle. You’ll likely be carrying your gear

snow search and rescue unit
26 Feb 2016

Saving Lives and Wilderness Survival: What it’s Like to Work in a Search and Rescue Unit

People who enjoy the outdoors can find themselves many miles away from civilization and aid. While this doesn’t faze many adventurers, it does pose a significant risk that should not be taken lightly. Many people are well versed in how to take care of themselves outside the comforts of home.

06 Jan 2016

Boy Scouts Help Troop Leader Survive Bear Attack

A Boy Scout leader and a few scouts were out for a hike when he had a dangerous encounter with an angry bear. The bravery and survival skills of his son and two other Boy Scouts would end up saving his life. Check out the video below to hear from

car in flood
23 Dec 2015

Flooded Creek Car Escape Teaches Valuable Survival Lessons

Winter weather can cause flash floods that make roads you thought you knew take on a new, and very deadly, risk. Trevor Thorlakson, 16, didn’t notice the water until it was too late when he was driving on a rural road in in Gerald, Missouri. He and a friend were

08 Dec 2015

Running the Rapids: How to Protect Yourself in Whitewater

The rush of whitewater rafting is pure adrenaline. Your first sight of the set of wild rapids just down the river sends your heart rate pumping. You grip your paddle with knuckles as white as the water. While floating rivers and group river rafting tours are a common outdoor pastime,

04 Dec 2015

Hunter Survives Scorching Outback Desert For 6 Days By Eating Ants

An Australian hunter survived the scorching Outback desert for six days by eating ants. Reginald Foggerdy, 62, was on a hunting trip in the Great Victoria Desert in mid-October when he went missing wearing only a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. He had gone on a hunting trip with his

25 Nov 2015

Man Survives 7 Hours in Washington Wildfire

A Washington wildfire nearly claimed the life of Mark Desdier in mid-August. The 62-year-old was in his Okanogan County cabin near Omak when things got dangerous fast. The Washington native was in the midst of trying to save neighbors in nearby cabins around 4 p.m. on Aug. 21 during the