12-Point Checklist: Survival Items Preppers Can Take on an Airplane

When you travel, you might feel limited in what survival gear you depend on, because you can’t always take your important items with you. If you’re flying on an airplane, TSA has strict guidelines regarding the type of products and their sizes that you’re allowed to carry on board and pack.

Review the following checklist for survival items you can take on an airplane. The good thing is that these items don’t take up much space and whether you travel regularly or just once in a great while, you’ll feel better knowing that you can be far from home and still be prepared.

1. Sunblock. Sunblock is an essential everyday item to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If something unexpected happens — especially in a sunny or tropical location —  sunblock will be a lifesaver. Take a small bottle with you, no more than 3.4 ounces.

2. Portable water filter and pouch. The pouch is a container that can give you filtered water in case of an emergency. Taking these survival items on a plane is ideal because it consumes minimal space when empty.

3. First aid kit. Take a basic first aid kit with you that includes common medication and wound care items.

4. Hand sanitizer. Small bottles of hand sanitizer will pass TSA screenings. For obvious reasons, this product will make traveling more sanitary by helping you keep the germs in check of the billions of travelers have touched multiple surfaces you’ll encounter. An extra bonus to hand sanitizer is that it’s highly flammable and can assist in starting a fire, a major survival tool in emergency situations. Keep the size limit to 3.4 ounces.

5. Baby wipes. If a situation arises in which you can’t shower or bathe, baby wipes will suffice for hygiene. Take a small package with you on the plane.

6. BIC disposable lighter. This brand is highly advised since it’s more dependable than other “flimsy” lighters, according to The Preppers Dome. Fire is a vital part of survival, so you’ll want something reliable.

7. N95 masks. Respirator masks will help you avoid contracting contagious diseases and shield you better from harmful particles in the air following a disaster. The masks are good at preventing the inhalation of smoke and many other trace particles.

8. Compass. A compass can aid in navigation when you’re in a place you aren’t familiar with. You’ll at least know which direction you’re heading with a compass in hand.

9. Space blanket. These blankets fold into small squares and go far in keeping you warm, and shelter you from the elements. It has a dual purpose in that it can be used to alert search planes with the shiny side that reflects light. Invest in a high-quality blanket because the dollar store brands are prone to tearing the first time you use them.

10. SAS Survival Guide. This is a miniature guide that has 625 pages of clear, precise instructions for a variety of survival situations in a broad spectrum of environments. It’s a great survival item for preppers to take with them on an airplane.

11. Solar lantern. New models like the “Luci” light are plastic and inflatable. They deflate to a very compact size which makes them perfect for tucking into a suitcase.

12. Scissors. Check to see if TSA regulations regarding scissors change with time, but in the past they have allowed scissors with blades up to 4 inches.