Father’s Day was always a fun day for us kids. We enjoyed getting creative with handmade cards and feeling independent by cooking breakfast and bringing it to my dad while he waited patiently in bed for us. Just as fun though, as grown-ups, is to carefully pick out a gift for dads and husbands that they will find really useful. There are so many products out there, so it can be time consuming to figure out what gifts will show how much you appreciate the dads in your life. Here is a short list of 5 super cool and super useful products that might just be that perfect Father’s Day Gift for your dad.

Keychain Duct Tape1. Duct tape key chain – Are the dads in your life always fixing things? Or breaking things? Duct tape may be one of the most useful inventions when you need to solve a problem on the go. Key chains have also been very handy and most people have and use multiple keys chains daily. Put the two together and you have what you need, when you need it and where it is handy. This Duct tape key chain lets you roll up your favorite tape and take it on the go. Available in brass and stainless steel, with choice of 18 inches of Gorilla Tape or 24 inches of gaffers tape from Gearward for $20. the keychain is about the size of a tube of Chapstick.






Magpul Daka Waterproof pouch
2. Magpul Industries Daka Polymer Pouch – It’s not just mom that has to carry a lot of stuff these days. From cell phones and chargers to wallets and baby toys, dad needs a place for all his important supplies too. The Magpul pouches come in a variety of sizes and are waterproof, making them super handy for everyday use, (keep your electronics dry in the rain!) hiking or just storage. I think it would be perfect for a first aid kit, although it might be more fun for dad to stick more gifts inside. Put his card in there and then demonstrate how waterproof it really can be! Available in six colors from Magpul for $24.


Duffel Pack from Aer3. Duffel Pack from AER – Do the dads in your life travel between work and the gym? This versatile bag is both a duffel bag and a backpack designed to carry laptop and work gear, as well as sneakers and water bottle. This looks like a high quality duffel pack that could even carry enough for a short trip away, work or play. Give this duffel pack to dad to make his day and travel easy and convenient. Available only in black from Aer for $150.








Fossil Crewmaster Hybrid Watch4. Q Crewmaster Hybrid Smartwatch from Fossil – This watch is pretty impressive for the price. This affordable hybrid smartwatch has interchangeable wristbands for different occasions and has all the functions your dad will need for fitness, work notifications, and social events. With this watch, your dad can take a picture, control his music, track his fitness goals, set alarms, and get all kinds of important notifications and event reminders, all from his wrist. Available in four colors from Fossil for $155.






Camp Stove that Charges Phone5. Camp Stove 2 Bundle – Now this one I might have to get for my husband so the whole family can use it when we go camping. This camp stove duals as a phone charger. Fill the fuel tank with camp fire material, and as it burns the energy pack is filled and the heat is pushed up to the grill. Use the grill to cook breakfast or the stainless-steel container for brewing your morning coffee. This stove is small enough to haul on any backpacking trip. Grill, cook, boil and charge with this bundle from BioLite for $240.

Power outages are normal. If you live in colder climates, you may have experienced an ice storm, or a hurricane in warmer climates, that knocked the power out. Ideally the power company can get you back up and running before you really miss any of the conveniences that we are so used to having. Often though, this is not the case. Perishable foods in the fridge can start to go bad quickly. And if you use any sort of heating or cooling systems, you will want to be prepared for outside temperatures to seep into your home.

It is important to plan for power outages. When outages happen, internet can go down, and stores get busy. You don’t want to find yourself without one or more of the following key necessities.

Clean water is essential for drinking and helpful for cooking and sanitation. The easiest way to stock up is to purchase large, sealed containers of bottled water. The 5-gallon jugs used with drinking water dispensers are good if you can stay in your home. In case of a natural disaster where you must leave your home, have smaller containers ready in a travel pack. Consider getting a water filter to add to your emergency kit. Modern technology water filters are small and powerful and can transform most any water into drinkable water.

Non-perishable foods need to be in your emergency kit. In a power outage, your refrigerator will “lose its cool.” With the doors kept shut, you have about 4 hours. To help monitor this, keep a thermometer inside your refrigerator. Food-safe temperatures for your fridge are 40 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler. Trail mixes and dried fruits and meats are good to stock up on. Canned goods, of course, will last a long time in your emergency kit. Keep a can opener handy for easy opening. Easy to prepare foods are best. You will want to limit clean up and water use. Add paper towels to your supplies. Avoid plastic disposable dishes and cutlery. There are eco-friendly options, or you can keep one multi-use dish for each person (and animal) that can be rinsed with limited water. A light alcohol solution wipe can help disinfect dishes without contaminating them. If you want to be able to cook, a fire pit, propane grill or stove top are ways to cook without electricity.

Keeping warm could be a challenge without a heater. Depending on your climate and the time of year, you will need items that keep you warm when your heating goes out with the power. Thick socks and warm hats keep your body heat in well. Check the camping section at your nearest department store for emergency thermal blankets. It’s important to read the instructions on these and know when and how to use them to stay warm and dry, but they can come in handy and even keep you alive in some cases. Keep a roll of duct tape handy because some of the cheap emergency blankets and ponchos tear easily.

Keeping cool may be important in a power outage. In extreme hot temperatures, it’s easy to overheat, get dehydrated or lose energy quickly. Keeping freezer bags of clean water as ice packs in your freezer will provide a cooling pack for a few hours, and more water as it starts to melt. Some other ideas are a battery-operated fan, light clothing and a wet fabric on your head. If you live in an especially hot climate, some planning ahead might be good. Find ways to create a shaded living space and check out how to build a solar powered air conditioning unit.

First aid kits are always good to have nearby for small injuries or emergencies. This is a good place to keep your thermal blanket(s) as well. Add additional items such as a sewing kit, utility knife, and a whistle. Other useful items to stock up on are batteries, rope, duct tape and of course flash lights.

Light sources are important for night time hours. Candles are useful, but can be a fire hazard. Battery operated or solar or crank lamps and flashlights are best. Keep these in easy to find places. If the power goes out in the middle of the night, you will want to be able to reach these in the dark.

Communication and sanity are important to prepare for as well. A battery powered or crank radio is good to have on hand, as is a battery powered clock. Throw in some games, puzzles, art supplies and writing equipment. A journal is a great way to pass your time, keep your mind sharp and record important notes from your experience. To keep your cell phone running, consider a solar powered charger, but remember that cell towers may be effected by extreme weather.

When it comes to products, home goods, furniture, living spaces and even clothing, we often look for items that are versatile. Today’s modern technology and design allow us to make each possession useful in multiple ways, lightening our load at home, on the road and with our everyday collection of items we carry around.

The 10-in-1 Titanium Pocket Tool is a great example; light-weight, multi-use, functional design and small enough to fit on your key chain. The length and weight of this tool is impressive, but what really rounds this out as easy to carry is the fact that it is only 4mm thin. Unlike a swiss army knife, this tool can easily slide into the back pocket of your cell phone case or slip into the side pocket of your wallet or purse. Available with a leather sheath and paracord lanyard for easy carry, it could also be a handy addition to your key chain.

How is this tool helpful? The Titanium Pocket Tool, or TPT, has a built in universal, 15 socket wrench, a flat head screw driver, a 6mm hex bit opening, a mini pry bar, a 1-inch measurement cue on the top and a 2-inch measurement cue on the bottom, as well as a bottle opener built into the shape of the tool. Also built in, is a credit card safe, internal magnet. I haven’t tested it, but if it was a strong enough magnet, I would carry it on my key chain and then stick both to the fridge and never lose my keys. This would also keep the bottle opener handy while at home. All these tools are built into the frame, which has a carefully designed opening that fits a standard utility razor blade, complete with safety notches for adjustment and security. Although the blade is not included, the leather sheath holder has a pocket for carrying inserts, so it’s easy to add to this multi-use tool without additional size or any significant weight.

One of my favorite components in this tool is the stainless steel, dual function insert. In the shape of a razor and with the same notch adjustment configuration, this insert has a finger safe box opener on one side and a handy fork on the other side for camping, or on the road, to-go meals. Not only is this convenient, but it reduces the number of plastic forks you will use.

What this light weight multi-use tool does not have is the traditional scissors and knives of a swiss army knife or Leatherman. Still, if a razor blade can get the job done, or you’re more concerned with opening and tightening things on a daily basis, the 10-in-1 Titanium Pocket Tool could come in handy.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the tool is now sold on a variety of websites. Check it out here and purchase it for $69.

10 in 1 Titanium Pocket Tool

Images from gallantry.com