Exploding Fire Extinguisher? Throw This Extinguisher and It Puts Out Fires

If Elide Fire has its way, the vertical fire hydrant “spray cans” will be a thing of the past. They’ve created an exploding fire extinguisher ball that just makes so much sense.

When you’re in a fire, how close do you really want to be to it? Yes, fire extinguishers can spray a few feet, but chances are you can throw a ball farther than you can stand in the face of heat and flame and hold down a trigger. Elide Fire’s fire balls are filled with the same chemicals in other fire extinguishers, but are activated by tossing them toward the fire.

They are designed to activate within three seconds of being exposed to flame. They also sound an alarm when activated. The great thing about these fire extinguishers is that they can activate even when no one is around to throw them. For instance, the majority of fires in a home start in the kitchen as a result of cooking, and chances are someone will be around when that happens. However, a large portion of fires in the home start in an unoccupied area such as a carport, attic or basement. Placing one of these red balls in those areas can be just the peace of mind you need, knowing that they will trigger themselves even if no one is home.

Another great thing about these devices is that even a kid could learn how to toss them in the direction of a flame, as opposed to the complicated instructions that accompany most hand-held fire extinguishers.

The Extinguisher Ball has a lifespan of five years and can be mounted or strategically placed wherever you feel you need it to be handy. If you’re not ready to replace your other fire extinguishers yet, why not take a moment now to check them. Are they expired? Were they used and never refilled? How’s the pressure on it? (There should be a pressure gauge indicating that it is filled and ready.) Is your fire extinguisher still in the best spot in the house? Does everyone in the home know where it is and how to use it?

Image from linkedin.com