How to Carry a Handgun in the Backcountry

Whether you’re fighting for your life, camping, or hiking with the family, you might find yourself in remote areas, often alone and probably fatigued. You need to protect yourself in every scenario.

Many outdoor enthusiasts choose to carry a concealed handgun for protection. There are just a few things to keep in mind to keep it secure and safe.

Keep it Concealed and Secure
There are plenty of holster options for active concealed carry. Compression shorts and tops for both men and women keep a firearm concealed and close-fitting, ensuring you’ll be comfortable.

Clothing made specifically for concealed carry has secure pockets made specifically for compact handguns. Make sure that they offer trigger protection and keep the gun secure.

Avoid holsters that cause discomfort and chafing or ones that deter you from moving naturally and engaging in strenuous activity. You won’t carry regularly if it’s annoying or painful.

Clean your handgun regularly to limit the effects of sweat and moisture on the frame and action parts.

Stay Aware
It shouldn’t stop you from getting out for fresh air and exercise, but remember that being in remote areas makes you a target. The backcountry can be full of sounds and activity, but try to be aware and get in tune with what’s happening around you.

Stick to well-known trails if you can. Getting lost will only make you anxious, and that can lead to bad decisions. Bring a friend along on your active pursuits to deter opportunistic attackers or animals.

You can carry concealed to be protected no matter where your outdoor lifestyle takes you. A compact handgun is very capable of protecting you while running, hiking, bicycling, and bugging out in a crisis.