Hunter Survives Scorching Outback Desert For 6 Days By Eating Ants

An Australian hunter survived the scorching Outback desert for six days by eating ants. Reginald Foggerdy, 62, was on a hunting trip in the Great Victoria Desert in mid-October when he went missing wearing only a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. He had gone on a hunting trip with his brother.

Foggerdy got stranded about 9 miles from where he went missing after he trekked to the area to hunt animals. He wound up being in the Australian Outback for a whole week until someone found him.

He was seen in photos under a tree talking to rescuers before he was put in a helicopter. The hunter was alert and sitting up when he was found.

The Australian hunter obviously put his survival skills to the test  while he was away from home for those six days. As the report states, ants and other insects are considered “possible sources of nutrients” by survival experts. What’s more, is it’s a miracle that Foggerdy was able to stay alive that long in a region where temperatures typically escalate well above 90-degrees. It’s especially shocking given the fact that the hunter survived so long without water.

This is a true tale of survival in the harshest of elements. Australian authorities add that the Great Australia Desert is the largest desert in the country. It has “red sand dunes, stony plains and dry salt lakes” but permanent surface water is non-existent.