Reality Check: 4 Threats You Should Be Prepared To Face

The world is an unpredictable place, and seems to be growing more tumultuous every day. It is natural to prepare for the worst. Maybe you’ve stockpiled food, water and fuel and you feel like you’re prepared.

That’s a good start, but are you prepared for these four realistic threats that could affect your health, safety and finances?

#1 – Unexpected Loss of Income
If you’re laid off or fired, or if a health condition makes you unable to work, your income will quickly take a hit. Therefore, it’s important that you prepare yourself in case you experience an unexpected loss of income.

Create an emergency fund that ideally contains enough to cover several months of expenses.

#2 – Criminals
No one wants to be a victim of a crime. However, the truth is that there are criminals out there and they are a threat to your physical safety. Make sure you are trained in some form of self-defense. Consider carrying a gun for your protection, and make sure you are trained in how to use it safely and confidently.

Know how to defend yourself and your home in case of a home invasion.

#3 – Natural Disasters
No place is completely safe from natural disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires are frequent threats around the globe. Keep plenty of emergency supplies including food and water at home. Put together a bugout bag that’s stocked with tools that will help you survive a variety of situations.

Make sure you come up with a good evacuation plan in case of an emergency. Conduct regular drills at home to prepare your family for survival and come up with ways to improve your strategies.

#4 – Terrorism/Mass Shootings
If you’re faced with a terrorist threat or a mass shooting while you’re away from home, do your best to stay calm and assess your options. If you’re not in a position to stop the threat, try to get away from the dangerous situation. Look for the safest exit option and move to a safer location if you can.

Seek cover from gunfire. If you’re hiding from an attacker, silence your cell phone.

It’s impossible to predict every situation that could occur, but it is possible to take steps to prepare yourself and your family for these realistic threats. With proper planning, training and tools, you will be well-equipped for survival against the odds.