Lotus Belle Tent
14 Aug 2017

Looking for a Tent? Here’s the Six Coolest

Tents are a mainstay of convenience for sleeping outdoors. They come in all shapes, prices and sizes. Here, we bring you a collection of unique tents to add some flair to your next camping or survival excursion. You may even discover your new favorite go-to tent among these! Tentsile Stingray

Camping and Cold? Not Again. Sleep Your Warmest With These Tips
11 Aug 2017

Camping and Cold? Not Again. Sleep Your Warmest With These Tips

All of us at some point have underestimated how cold it would be when we were camping or out in the backcountry. Maybe an unexpected storm arose and you just didn’t have enough clothes. One time when my in-laws were visiting we all camped out on the Oregon coast. This

Tvan MK4 by Track Trailer
04 Jan 2017

Ultra Cool MK4 Camp Trailer Is An Off Road Dream

Don’t we all want to make it easier to just pick up and go? When it’s Friday and you’re ready to head out of town you want to be able to just head out of town. Not go home and sort through all of your camping gear and pick out

TerraDrop Trailer For Serious Off-Road Camping
27 Oct 2016

TerraDrop Trailer For Serious Off-Road Camping

The teardrop style of camping trailers is a vintage look that is always in style. Combine a cool, old-fashioned trailer with seriously rugged features and we’re hooked. The TerraDrop Trailer by Oregon Trail’R is the perfect combination of real and rugged that we just can’t wait to try out in the

Camping dry stuff sack inflates the Comfort Plus sleeping mat
05 Oct 2016

This Sleeping Mat and Dry Sack Pump Bring Comfort and Warmth to the Outdoors

Leave it to the gear masterminds at Sea To Summit to take sleeping pads to the next level. Their Comfort Plus Insulated Mat combines serious technology and durable design to deliver a great night’s sleep, no matter where you find yourself. Unboxing Right out of the box, the sleeping mat

There is no safe place outdoors during lightning
01 Aug 2016

Practical Guide: 3 Ways to Stay Safe in a Lightning Storm While Camping

Using this practical guide to saying safe in a lightning storm while camping may save your life. Lightning can strike anywhere when a storm breaks out. Depending on where you’re located outdoors, a thunderstorm could be potentially dangerous. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that there is no safe

Do You Rely Too Much on Phones While Hiking?
16 Jun 2016

Do You Rely Too Much On Your Smartphone when Hiking?

These days, we use our smartphones for everything. They’re always with us, even when we’re in the backcountry. Smartphones are helpful but they shouldn’t be your line of defense if you’re out in the wilderness. Technology is never a substitute for knowledge, experience and safe planning. When you’re hiking in

Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Tent
08 Jun 2016

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Lightweight Tent

Buying a lightweight tent that is functional, convenient and affordable is ideal for camping or emergency preparedness. What features should you consider for this type of gear? Do you want a single-wall or double-wall tent? Double-wall tents are more versatile and allow for greater ventilation and protection from foul weather.

camping at night
22 May 2016

How to Quickly Choose a Secure and Comfortable Campsite

You can’t walk another step, you feel a thunderstorm brewing, and it’s time to refill your energy stores. You need to find a safe and comfortable spot to make camp for the night. Here’s how to choose. Where to Start Looking for a Spot Hollows and valleys are generally the