Before finding this private plane, the biggest thing I’d ever seen made out of rose gold was a pair of headphones my daughter got for free when we bought her an Apple laptop when she started college. This Cobalt Valkyrie X Rose Gold Private Plane is just as ridiculously opulent as the name suggests.

But, I mean. Wow. Look at how the cockpit is shaped, for views all around. It’s said to be one of the fastest airplanes of its type in the world, able to take a pilot and three passengers at a whopping 230 miles per hour for up to 1,150 ground miles. The shell is high-performance composite carbon. Hand-stitched leather seats (but, of course) and plentiful storage for golf clubs, skis and suitcases (hey, that’s what the catalog says, I didn’t make it up).

An aerospace engineer and the founder of Cobalt, a firm that builds aircraft, created the plane. Why did they make it rose gold? Why not? If you can afford the $1.5 million price tag you must not care that the plane looks like a cross between Pepto Bismol and the pink lining inside a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates. ┬áIt’s available for purchase from Neiman Marcus’s Fantasy Gifts Catalog and you can learn more at Cobalt Aircraft.

RosePlane-1 Roseplane-2

Side view image from Additional images from Nieman Marcus fantasy catalog.