The Canadian government took a survey of personal preparedness and released it on February 9, 2018. According to the survey results, only 13% of people in Vancouver, BC have what they consider a “fully completed plan” for earthquake, wildfire or flood resiliency.

We know that a major earthquake is going to hit the Northwest at some point. The predictions all say that sooner than later, a “big one” will hit the Northwest. The University of Washington simulated earthquake scenarios and found 50 different ways that a magnitude 9.0 earthquake could unfold in the Cascadia subduction zone.

According to this survey, 54% of people polled say they’ve started working on their plan, but haven’t completed it. “Personal laziness” was a top reason given as to why they hadn’t done more. Other reasons were “lack of knowledge” and “lack of time.” “Personal apathy” was also a given response. And yet, 80% of the people poled say that an earthquake is the most concerning hazard to them.

86% said that they have emergency food for three days. But only 60% also had emergency water for three days.

According the the poll, four in 10 British Columbians report they have an emergency kit in their car, while only three in 10 have a kit at work or a “grab and go” bag at home.

We know that young people, low income people, and people who are renting, and in particular city dwellers, are among the least prepared. What’s your excuse?