Maxpedition has taken the next step in modern, low-visibility tactical equipment. About two years ago I wrote about Maxpedition’s release of the Advanced Gear Research line of packs and pouches and how it was a trend for tactical companies to invest more in lower-profile, civilian-style equipment. While the AGR gear wasn’t entirely “covert,” it was certainly less conspicuous than 1,000 denier nylon packs covered in MOLLE webbing. The new Entity line is a no-frills-on-the-outside, business-on-the-inside set of packs and pouches for prepared civilians on the town or military or law enforcement personnel who need to truly blend in with the crowd.

The Entity line of packs looks fantastic. They look like the kind of packs a well-versed traveler would carry on every trip. The bags are tech and CCW-compatible and feature an array of interior pockets and loop Velcro panels to hold whatever gear you need.

The Entity pouches are also low profile and made to fit extra gadgets or hardware on or outside the pack. Since the packs don’t have exterior MOLLE webbing on the body, the pouches attach to webbing on the straps. Entity panels can connect to the loop panels inside the pack.

I really like the evolution in design in the Entity line. Maxpedition never gets skimpy with their attention to detail with focus on what users need their gear to do and then shifting to how they can put the function into the best package for the environment. If I learned anything from reviewing the Falcon III pack, it’s that Maxpedition makes durable, well-designed equipment.

Because Maxpedition is such a respected name in the tactical community, I expect the Entity line to sell well. Maxpedition will be showing off the Entity line in more detail at SHOT Show 2018. They will have some competition, as companies like 5.11 Tactical and Hazard 4 have also released covert lines of equipment for the discrete user.