Remember this post, Top 10 Reasons to Give a Tactical Pen As a Gift?

Well, we now have a guide to how to use a tactical pen as self defense to go along with that one. And to sweeten the deal, we’re giving away an UZI Tactical Pen! You’ll earn chances to win one that you can keep for yourself or give to your Valentine’s Day sweetheart if you take part in our giveaway.

UZI Tactical Pen Giveaway

How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

A tactical pen might not be your top choice for self-defense. You might rather have a gun or a knife. But there are many places where you can not take a gun or knife, such as on a plane. You might not feel comfortable using a gun or a knife until you have more training. A tactical pen offers real benefits for self defense to people who might be alter-abled or work in places where a gun is not allowed.

Your tactical pen can break glass

If you’re trapped somewhere where there is a locked door and you can’t escape, your tactical pen can give you the physical power you need to break the glass and escape. The pen’s sharp carbide-tip glassbreaker point has enough force to shatter glass and will not make a sound while you are doing it, until the glass breaks. The carbide tip is important because because carbide is stronger and will stay sharper up to 20 times longer than steel or aluminum, which is important for the longevity of the pen’s effectiveness.

Carry it at hand

It won’t do you any good if it is in the bottom of your purse or briefcase and you can’t get to it. Carry it somewhere where you can put your hands on it at a moment’s notice.

Once you do have your hands on it, here’s how you use your tactical pen:

Stab with it

Hold it in your hands so that your arm has the longest reach possible. Use the sharp point in a stabbing motion and try to aim for a sensitive place, like eyes or the Adam’s apple.

Depending on the type of tactical pen you get, one tip might be sharper than another. For instance, the UZI tactical pen with the DNA catcher has a sharp point that is designed to “catch” your opponent’s DNA. Striking or stabbing someone with this sharp point is going to hurt.

Aim for any weak spots

Use the sharp point of your pen to aim for any soft tissue weak spots. If you can’t stab, then use it to apply pressure. The backs of the knees, ears, eyes, feet and throat are spots that are very vulnerable if you can apply enough pressure. Even if you do not have full range of arm motion you will very likely be able to hold your pen somewhere where your opponent will feel it.

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UZI Tactical Pen Giveaway