Any outdoor chore will need a good set of gloves for all the hands-on dirty work ahead of you. You can go without the covers, but your hands will thank you for the lack of splinters and cuts if you choose to protect them. I’ve used plenty of utility gloves over the years for everything from yard work to search and rescue and after all the scuff marks, worn palms and torn seams, I’ve found a pair that offer the dexterity and protection needed for just about anything while staying at a low price.

The Mechanix FastFit gloves are a no-frills pair of gloves that give your paws plenty of protection from the rough tasks of outside work. The elastic cuff eliminates the need for Velcro, something that I have come to avoid if I can due to its ability to keep and hold dirt as well as lose effectiveness when wet. Another advantage to the FastFit is the cuff allows you to use the glove without having to adjust or remove watches or bracelets. A nylon pull strap allows plenty of real estate to grab onto for on and off as well as carrying on a carabiner.

The glove’s TrekDry top material keeps your hands cool in hot weather and also helps wipe sweat off your brow if you can’t reach your preferred bandana. It’s very breathable, and dries quickly after getting wet. There isn’t much water resistance to speak of, but for an outdoor glove at a sub-twenty dollar price, I don’t mind at all.

The palm of the glove is thick enough to prevent splintering from wood and scrapes from rocks. On a search and rescue mission in 2016, I pulled myself through plenty of dense brush and steep terrain with these on my hands. They’re also thin enough to have a good feel for whatever tools your using whether it’s a power saw or survival knife. In fact, I have used these gloves on the last couple of knife reviews that I have done with no issues in controlling the blade. They’re also dexterous enough to tie knots in rope and give a good grip when hauling.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves, or several, to add to your tool, outdoor, or survival kit, put the FastFit at the top of your list. The durability and functionality at a low price won’t do you wrong.

Check out the FastFit gloves HERE.