Have you ever wanted a water bottle that could hold both hot and cold liquids at the same time and could get smaller once you drank some of what was in it? Or could turn into two water bottle if you happen to find yourself sharing with someone who’s a little bit grubby? Well inventors have been monitoring your brain waves and created what you have always wanted.

OK, they really haven’t been monitoring your brain waves, but what they came up with is pretty amazing. The Golchi water bottle started out as a Kickstarter project that now has more than reached its funding goal. The¬†Golchi holds two beverages of different temperatures at once, goes from big to small or one to two bottles in an instant, and has 15 features to customize it and make it the most versatile water bottle we’ve ever even imagined.

Golchi is vacuum insulated stainless steel, like all good bottles are, but has two separate compartments that allow you to store two different beverages, for those cross-country ski trips where you want both hot coffee and cold water. Or you want a smoothie and tea for your workout days. The site even suggests carrying water for mom and hot water and baby formula for the infant in one convenient item. You can switch it up to four different configurations fro, Double Decker, holding dual compartments for two different beverages, Jumbo, which turns it into a single container plus a dry storage, Traditional, which is just your everyday bottle, or Golchi Mini, which splits your Golchi into two standalone bottles.

Imagine…hot water and oatmeal, hot water and granola, coffee and cream, tomato soup and crackers, cold water and coffee, smoothie and coffee….it’s mind-boggling what this thing can do.¬†And it comes in six colors.

Golchi image from Golchi’s Kickstarter page at Kickstarter.com