Never leave these items in a hot car on a summer day
18 Jul 2016

Why These 10 Items are Dangerous in a Car on a Hot Summer Day

Summer heat presents all types of hazards in regards to sensitive items and chemicals that don’t like extreme temperatures. In some scenarios, dangerous items have warnings posted on them because they may burst, explode, or have an otherwise unfavorable affect that can be harmful to people or surroundings. This is

desert survival
03 Mar 2016

6 Ways to Stay Alive in Deadly Desert Heat

The desert climate is unforgiving. If you’re stranded on a roadside or lost in the wilderness, you run the risk of heat stress or dehydration. Without proper intervention, these conditions can cause serious health problems. Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which can damage the brain and other vital

desert survival
28 Jan 2016

Headed for the Heat? Better Know These Seven Rules of Desert Survival

The desert is an incredible environment to explore. Rock formations, vibrant colors, and varied landscapes make the hiking experience incredibly rewarding. However, hiking in the desert comes with some serious risks. Even if you’re not planning to be gone for long, let someone know where you’re planning to hike and