Over recent days I think it’s fair to say that most of us have heard about the man who was dragged – literally dragged – off a plane because he didn’t voluntarily leave when the crew randomly appointed people to leave an overbooked flight.

This video that a friend showed us shows how to defend yourself in a similar situation. You know that Shadowfox has published other articles about self-defense, like “How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense” and “5 Ways to Take an Attacker Down.” Since we’re all about preparedness, we feel that emergency preparedness should extend to protecting your physical body from threats of violence as well as from threats of running out of food or water. The video gives an overview of what happened – when the man refused to cooperate, United Airlines invoked the “Involuntary Denial of Boarding Process” and forcibly removed him.

That said, we definitely don’t advocate violence. But, if you’re ever in a situation where things like this are out of your control, you might not make the same choice this guy did to be passively carried away. By the way, we’ve looked up the Passenger Bill of Rights and you might want to read it over before you get on an airplane next time. While passengers do have rights, unfortunately the agreement you agree to when you buy a plane ticket and board a plane is that once the airplane door closes most of your rights evaporate and you have little to no choice but to comply with the airline employee’s orders. If anything like this situation with this man happens to you, legal experts seem to agree that it’s in your best interest to do what they say, ie, leave the plane if you have to, and sort it out later.

Still, there may be other instances where these skills will come in handy. We can’t recommend doing these moves on a plane, but if you’re ever attacked by someone, here’s how you can get away. The video was made by a Jiu-Jitsu instructor, and has good basic self-defense moves that you can use in a variety of self-defense situations, but these are made primarily for people who are being dragged against their will, like what happened to the man on the plane.

The moves is to get your legs between you and the attacker. After that, you can follow through in six different ways, which the video shows, to get them off of you. This video makes me want to start learning jiu-jitsu. Seriously.