Tie your shoes, save your life? Your safety when it comes to the shoes you put on everyday is not something that people typically worry about too much. If the shoes are sturdy and comfortable is usually as far as thoughts go toward survival. But a new product from Imminent Threat Solutions makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot more interesting.

The ITS Tactical Kevlar Escape Laces are the first 100% kevlar shoelaces ever on the market. Other laces are only reinforced with kevlar fibers. Because they’re made with the same material used in bulletproof vests, they won’t fray, ravel or break and they’re fireproof too, in case you’re a welder or firefighter. Best of all, due to their high heat resistance they can serve as a friction saw to cut through plastic zipties. These laces are also an interesting way to keep an extra length of emergency cord on hand. Coming in 54, 60, and 72 inch measurements, these laces promise to deliver 360 pounds of tensile strength that is virtually unbreakable.

Hey, even if you’re not worried about using them to escape being held hostage, you can use them in your skateboard shoes and never worry about snapping your laces ever again. Pretty affordable too at only $11. Last time we checked, the website said they were out of stock, but will hopefully be available again soon.