Lansky Sharpeners has released a knife sharpener that will replace every other knife sharpener you may already have. The new QuadSharp Knife Sharpener [$19] is a portable blade sharpener that will let you maintain your knives in the field. The sharpener features the same four angles as the legendary Lansky Controlled-Angle System. Angles are set to 17, 20, 25 and 30 degrees.

With a built-in ceramic polishing benchstone, the QuadSharp is a fully functional, stand-alone sharpening solution that is small and highly portable. Sharpen your regular blade, serrated or filet knives in only three to four strokes. The unit is made of metal for long-lasting durability and is 100% compatible with all Lansky Kits and accessories. Purchase the QuadSharp for $19.