What’s the point of having a flashlight that isn’t charged when you need it? Or the batteries are dead? Or worse yet, having a flashlight that works but is so dim it’s practically useless?

With these 5 high-visibility flashlights we recommend, you’ll never be in any of these situations. Well…you’re on your own as far as providing batteries, but you know what we mean.

SureFire G2X Pro

Surefire Pro flashlightIt’s hard to decide between thSureFire G2X Pro and the Surefire G2X Tactical. Both cost $70. Both are a convenient pocket size of only 1.25 inches. Both are 1 inch in diameter an 5.20 inches long. Both weight 4.4 ounces with batteries. But…the Pro can run at 600 lumens for 1.5 hours on high-output white light while the Tactical can not. The Pro can run for 52 hours on low-output white light. Both come with 2 123A batteries. Click the tailcap to have it constantly on or press for momentary light. Plus, it comes in tactical black but also a bright yellow body color, so you really have high visibility in the form of light and ease of finding it in the dark.

511 Tactical TMT R3MC

TMTR3MC flashlightYes, the TMT R3MC is an expensive flashlight at $150, so you definitely don’t want to lose this buddy. But this is the light you’ll want if SHTF. It’s a rechargeable, multi-color Lithium-Ion flashlight that is water-resistant, and provides 357 lumens in a bright beam. Easily switch between steady light or strobing red and blue light. Press for momentary light. Both AC and DC connectors are included and this gem comes with a rechargeable battery pack. It runs for 87.5 hours in low mode or 3.25 hours in high mode. Don’t worry, this is the most expensive one on our list.

LEDLenser MT6

LedLenser_MT6_ISO flashlightFor only $60 you can get this LEDLenser MT6, with 600 lumens for 8 hours or 10 lumens for 192 hours. It’s not rechargeable, but it only takes 3 AA NiMh and it includes a lanyard and sheath.

Pelican SabreLight 2010PL

Pelican-SabreLightAnother bright-bodied light that is easy to find in the dark, the Pelican SabreLight 2010PL uses three C batteries that are not included. But, for only $86 you get a glow-in-the-dark body and it’s submersible. Twists the body to turn on and off. It is larger than these other options at 13.4 ounces with batteries, but it provides 161 lumens for 21 hours.

Streamlight ProPolymer 

Get this Streamlight ProPolymer for the 6.5 hours of run time in high mode. It uses three convenient AA alkaline batteries and can shoot a beam 237 meters. Comes in blakc, orange and yello for high-visibility and is only 7 inches long. Go to the website to find a place to buy.small

At our house, we keep a couple of wind-up and battery-operated flashlights by the door, so we can grab one as we walk in or out as needed. I take one out with me as I walk to the chicken coop if I have to close it up and it’s already dark. You definitely need to be able to find your flashlights in the dark if you need them, so don’t stuff them in the back of a drawer along with your knives and ketchup packets. What’s your favorite flashlight?