The Survivor Ammo Can by MTM Case-Gard gives you a compact storage unit for keeping emergency supplies underground. Underground storage is often an afterthought for many people when it comes to being prepared for the worst. Underground storage can keep your equipment secure and safe if your primary storage location is destroyed or is unsafe to enter. For instance, if an earthquake strikes, your home may be leveled or be too unstable to enter and rummage around in for your supplies. A single MTM SAC can keep your bare essentials handy or several of them can keep a second round of emergency gear ready in case of the worst.

The SAC is made of thick polymer and has a 7-liter capacity. The total package includes the canister body, lid, protective top lid, plastic bag and moisture control packet. The lid of the can has a pair of foam O-rings to seal out air and water and screws down to the body. While I was skeptical of their ability to keep out moisture and debris, my testing proved me wrong.

First of all, the construction of the protective lid is very tough. I stabbed it with a shovel about two dozen times and nothing went through. This is good because it is very likely the user will hit the can several times while digging it up from underground.

For testing, I first buried the SAC underground for a week in wet soil. The seals held and didn’t let any dirt or moisture in. This did not surprise me. I had no doubt that the foam seals could keep out indirect contact with moisture.

My second test was longer and also against the recommendations of the company regarding how to position the can. I placed it upside down in a bucket full of water for three weeks. When I pulled it out and took the lid off, I was surprised to find that there was no water inside the can. Some moisture had gotten past the first seal, but the inside of the can was still dry.

The SAC can definitely do what it’s made to do. I have no doubt that it would do well as a long-term storage option for keeping emergency supplies underground. Just be sure to check up on it every few months to maintain your equipment. Visit MTM Case-Gard’s website for this and other great products.