New ideas were recently announced from Imaginactive, a company who creates prototypes of products that should exist but don’t. The other one of their products we wrote about was the Paradoxal, a concept for a commercial supersonic/hypersonic passenger aircraft that can fly Mach 3 in a suborbital trajectory.

Now they’ve come up with the Muadib. If you’ve ever read the Dune books, you probably already know where this is going…Think of the Muadib as a cruise ship but on sand. This “ship” was designed to cruise deserts or other vast expanses of open land. Tourists would be able to live in this “Cruise” ship” while on their vacations. They could enjoy the sights of the Sahara or Sonora Desert, for instance, while still retiring to their climate controlled room, cold meals, and on-board entertainment at the end of the day.

This ship, if you could afford it, would be the ultimate bug-out vehicle, because it would let you go to the remotest reaches of the desert or grasslands without sinking in. Solar panels would give you power. And a canopy could be extended over the ship to protect it from sandstorms and to provide shade. Gas could run its turbines, also.

Since you wouldn’t need your pools to be heated while in the desert, the Muadib would cool them down instead. Air conditioning, of course, would keep the internal air comfortable. The ship would be able to harvest water from the air conditioning unit…no need for a sweat and urine recycling body suit as in the Dune books…and the ship would even be able to dig for water under the earth’s surface. Designers created a grow room inside the ship where some of this water could be used to water food crops.

Since this is a luxury vehicle after all, the Muadib would have a star-gazing deck and panoramic observation platform. Because what’s the point of being all the way in the middle of nowhere if you can’t see anything! If you brought your ATV, drone, or small helicopter, it could be stored in the ship’s on-board garage until you were ready to go out for a spin.

The concept page of explains that this could be for luxury vacations or science expeditions, to take researchers to remote places where it wouldn’t make sense to build a permanent structure.

Please make it real.

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Muadib desert cruise ship Muadib desert cruise ship Muadib desert cruise ship