I don’t fly super often, but when I do, I always get anxious about not having any self-protection gear with me. It’s one of the most common topics that comes up here at Shadowfox Headquarters. What non-lethal self-defense gear you can take on a plane is a common question. Let’s look over what you can take on a plane.

First off, before you try to slip something past TSA agents, give this list of “What Can I Bring” from the TSA website a good look over.

Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are good punching and glass-breaking tools. (Read for tips on how to use tactical pens for self defense.)

The TSA website doesn’t specifically list tactical pens as an allowed or banned item. I have flown with tactical pens in my checked bags, and used them at my destination, then flew back with them in my checked bag. I didn’t want to try carrying it in my carry on bag and risk them taking it. Checking it is a good option, but it leaves you defenseless during the flight. After talking with other people who have flown with tactical pens, I don’t think there’s any consensus on whether or not they will get confiscated. It depends on where you are and the agent and if they have nothing better to do that day or not, it seems.

Millwall Bricks

Carrying on a broadsheet newspaper isn’t a bad idea. You can use it to make a Millwall Brick, so named for its use by the Millwall Football Club in England. Several large sheets of newspapers rolled up tightly and then bent so it’s held in the hand turns the sheets into a solid, hard blunt instrument.

A Roll of Coins

It doesn’t matter if it’s pennies, nickels or quarters. Use whatever fits in your hand.

A Padlock

A basic Master Lock can be held in the hand or strung over a sock or bandanna and swung.

A Flashlight

A sturdy flashlight can not only be a club, it can give you life-saving light if there’s an incident at night or in the dark of a plane cabin.

Your Body

Learn some self-defense moves so you feel comfortable using your hands, knees and elbows if you have to. Enhance your situational awareness skills with these suggestions written by Shadowfox’s firearms instructor.