We got to try out the SPOT Gen3 recently. This small device provides you with a life line when you are off grid and out of cell service range.

We recommend this device, which you can purchase for only $170 (with some available for only $150) for affordable peace of mind if you’re going to be out in the wilderness.

We tried it out while backpacking in Central Oregon’s rugged and desolate Three Sisters Wilderness. What does it do? It’s a push-button way to reach out to emergency responders, if need be, or your family, if you just want to send a message.

One problem with a traditional GPS distress beacons is if you deploy them, it will summon search and rescue, and in most cases, the person who uses the beacon is on the hook for the rescue bill. This can get quite expensive. This device allows you to summon responders if you need to, but it takes the peace of mind a step further. This device allows you to send messages to individuals without alerting search and rescue.

Before you head out to your destination, you can program predefined messages and who to deliver them to. So when you get to base camp you can send an “I’m okay and here’s where I am” message to whoever your contact is. If they don’t hear from you, they can take action. You can alert your contacts to let them know that you are in distress, without directly notifying first responders.

The predefined messages can be customized, so you can sent that “The eagle has landed” message you’ve always wanted to send! When we tried this out, we had no problem understanding the instructions. We were able to easily load Google Maps and track our position. The functionality makes it very similar to another SPOT device, the SPOT Trace, which we reviewed in this post. This device acts very similar to the Trace with intervals of pings that you can set for various times.

These types of devices have been on the market for years, and this SPOT Gen 3 is the third generation, so it’s been improved and refined pretty well at this point. We found the instructions easy to follow and the buttons intuitive. This device is the best for what it does on the market, and is the best cost. Last I checked, you’re getting the most for your money in terms of price and subscription rates. Purchase the SPOT Gen 3 from SPOT.

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We can think of numerous reasons why you might want to invest in not just one, but several of these SPOT Trace handheld satellite tracers (only $120, or $100 at certain retailers). [Visit this site for a 50% off code from SPOT! ]

The SPOT Trace is a cool, powerful and small tracking device that lets you track and recover whatever it is attached to. The product does what it says and the GPS technology has evolved to the point that this tracker fits in the palm of your hand. The device will send you a text message alert whenever movement is detected on whatever this device is attached to. You can track its location in real time on Google Maps with tracking intervals that you can select, from 2 1/2 to 5, to 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

It’s great for stashing in a backpack. It is a tad heavy to just carry (it weighs 3.1 ounces without batteries, 88 grams) but it could be sewn in to a jacket liner or attached to a vehicle. It is pretty small already, at 2.69 inches (8.72 cm) by 2.02 inches (5.13 cm) but must be smaller to be more practical for more than putting into a gear case. For instance, it wouldn’t be practical for attaching to a bicycle or a small piece of equipment, because it would be too noticeable.

This would be pretty useful if you had something like a drone that you wanted to keep track of. If you have a boat moored up somewhere that you don’t get to visit all that often, set this thing up in it and get a text message if the boat moves anywhere.

Each device tracks a single item, so if you have a need to track multiple items, that’s going to eat into the cost effectiveness. Still, depending on the value or the risk of your items being taken, it could make sense to invest in several of these. You must pay for the service for each device, which ranges from $10 a month to $100 a year. so not out of the question of affordability is your prime concern.

One key to use for this device to work is that it must be hidden so no one knows it’s there. That’s why its size in relation to what you place it on is the biggest issue. The usability of it is no problem. We found it easy to use, easy to register and to set it up it’s just the push of a couple of buttons. This device succeeds where others fail in that others call for Bluetooth or cell phone service, and you must be close to the device, for it to work. This SPOT Trace is truly a global satellite positioning and tracking device.

The back clip removes so that it can be screwed on to something. Overall, the construction of is seems rugged, although you wouldn’t want to just throw it around. There is a USB port that is accessible by unscrewing a cover for firmware upgrades. Two lights indicate power levels and satellite connections. While it is supposed to be water resistant, we recommend a water proof case for it, which you can find on Amazon. This particular Monster Magnetics waterproof case would be perfect for the SPOT Trace and is only $30. Use this waterproof case and put this under your vehicle, your spouse’s vehicle, or your kid’s vehicle to always know where they are.

We think this is a great device for anyone who has anything worth protecting. Purchase the SPOT Trace from SPOT. Visit this site for a 50% off code from SPOT!

Image courtesy of SPOT.