red hammers to break the window.
01 Apr 2017

Assembling a Car Emergency Kit

Here in the Pacific Northwest Spring is just around the corner. We keep getting glimpses of the sun but not a whole day of sunshine yet. Around here, as soon as the weather warms up people hit the road. When Northwesterners aren’t snowboarding or skiing, they’re at the ocean, hiking,

Never leave these items in a hot car on a summer day
18 Jul 2016

Why These 10 Items are Dangerous in a Car on a Hot Summer Day

Summer heat presents all types of hazards in regards to sensitive items and chemicals that don’t like extreme temperatures. In some scenarios, dangerous items have warnings posted on them because they may burst, explode, or have an otherwise unfavorable affect that can be harmful to people or surroundings. This is

Animals can be injured in unexpected ways in summertime
07 Jul 2016

7 Hidden Dangers of Summer for Pets

Summer has several dangers for pets that people may not think about. Like humans, dogs and cats get dehydrated and overheated. Providing adequate water and shade are a given, but what about the hidden dangers that summer poses for pets? 1 – Heat stroke. It’s not unprecedented for animals to

These 5 fabrics do the best job of keeping you cool
27 Jun 2016

5 Trusty Fabrics to Keep You Cool During the Scorching Summer Months

Certain fabrics keep you cooler during the summer months, while other fabrics do the opposite. When you’re outside in the scorching heat, you want to be comfortable, yet also protected from bugs and sun. These¬†5 fabrics are the best if you want to stay cooler outside this summer. 1. Cotton.