Subscription boxes are all the rage for people who have a bit of extra cash, crave some new gear, but don’t want the hassle of figuring out what they should buy. Box companies have become pseudo-Santas with monthly or quarterly deliveries with a mystery box of (hopefully) quality and usable items for their subscribers.

I’m not a subscriber to any box simply because I’m a little picky when it comes to my gear and I don’t have a lot of chump change. However, I do see their benefits for people who follow certain lifestyles in that they’re able to replenish gear they’re using often or add new items to their supply drawers that they may have been interested in anyways.

We dove into the July edition of TacPack, one of the first monthly subscription boxes for tactical, EDC and survival gear. Tacpack has a single-level subscription cost of $49.95 each month. Because of that monthly cost, I was looking for the MSRP of the box to be double that subscription rate. You have to get your money’s worth!

As you can see in the video, the July box did not disappoint. It had a bit of something to please different crowds. Full disclosure, Shadow Fox did NOT pay for this TacPack, but as always, we aim to be straightforward with our gear reviews. Here’s what we got in the box:

Breakthrough BT 101Cleaning Kit: This basic cleaning kit comes with Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent, Battle Born High Purity Oil, and Battle Born Grease fortified with PTFE (forgot to mention in the video) for cleaning your gun. Also included are a microfiber towel and brush. (MSRP $25)

Fusion Climb Daisy Chain and Carabiner: I was surprised to find one of these combos in a subscription box. You have a full-strength climbing sling and carabiner that’s ready to add to a climbing or rescue kit. TacPack markets this on their description cards as something to cinch down gear or hang items, but as a mountain rescue guy, I see a lot of climbing utility. It can be used for making anchors, clipping into anchors or even as a retention lanyard or helicopters. Remember, climbing and rappelling are dangerous and at times deadly activities, and you should only participate in them with proper instruction, supervision and safety equipment. (MSRP $30)

EZ Accuracy and Gunworks AR-15 Gas Block Dimple Guide Screw and Marking Pin: This little piece is just for the AR enthusiasts. TacPack markets this as a must for AR shooters and those looking to build their own rifles. They say it can also help when reassembling your rifle. (MSRP $14)

5.11 Wharn for Duty Folding Knife: This is a big knife in a small package. As stated in its name, it has a 2.3-inch AUS 8 Wharncliff style blade, which is good for EDC and utility tasks. I’ve had AUS 8 steel blades in the past and I have no complaints about the value, edge retention and rust resistance. The handle is very ergonomic and can be gripped comfortably with or without the finger choil. Upon further examination after filming the video I saw what appear to be bronze bushings at the pivot point, giving a smooth opening. The knife is also fully ambidextrous (Yay for southpaws!) thanks to the opening hole in the blade and right and left hand carry positions. Will I carry this knife as my EDC blade instead of my AUS 8 Cold Steel Recon-1? The Jury is still out. (MSRP $36)

MOAB Mother of all Bottle Rockets Patch: TacPack is known for giving a free bit of morale every now and then in their boxes with logo patches and “gangbangers anonymous” AR-15 patches. The Mother of All Bombs is probably something many of you are familiar with after it saw action in Afghanistan. But what about its smaller, more festive cousin? The Mother of All Bottle Rockets will surely be a staple in a lot of people’s patch rotations especially around Independence day. (Priceless)

This comes to a total MSRP value of $105, which is a little more than double what you have paid for your monthly subscription. Some of you may think you can source each item here for less than the MSRP prices. That may be true, but you still may not get the total prices lower than the subscription rate.

Interested in TacPack? Check them out HERE.

Photo courtesy of TacPack.