We received a package of two travel towels by Snugpak, along with some other cool items that we are currently reviewing. We were excited to get the towels because, even though towels are not the sexiest or most necessary survival or preparedness item, lightweight quick dry travel towels are an essential that you shouldn’t travel without, in my opinion.

They sent us a Snugpak Hands and Face Travel Towel in the 24-by-32-inch size (62 by 80 centimeters) and the Head to Toe Travel Towel in the 47-by-49-inch size (120 by 125 centimeters). We found both sizes to be ample. The Head to Toe towel was more than big enough to cover a larger size body and was soft and comfortable to use. The Hands and Face Towel was actually bigger than my bathmat and I think it would make a fine towel to travel with unless you really wanted the larger size of the Head to Toe Towel.

After showering, I used the larger towel and with just one pass of the towel it soaked up all the moisture on my skin and the towel didn’t feel wet in the slightest. My one complaint, which isn’t really a complaint, is that these microfiber towels don’t feel like using a regular towel. They are much softer and not as nubby as a traditional bath towel, so if you really want that familiarity and comfortable feeling of using your home towels, this is going to be a bit different.

Safety orange is not my color, but luckily both of the towels are also available in Coyote (brown) and Olive (green). The towels are lightweight and each one has a loop buckle on the corner that comes apart to allow you to hang it from a hook, your backpack or any sort of line. They also each come in their own sacks. I appreciated that the sacks had air holes and zippers. The larger towel also had air holes in its bag but it also had a solid bag that could enclose the towel in case you had to pack it away wet.

Even if it does get soaking wet, it won’t stay that way for long. The microfiber technology is able to absorb 7 times more water than its weight and 3 times more water than a cotton travel towel of the same size. Even though it absorbs a lot of water, it can easily be wrung out with a twist and a squeeze to the point that it barely feels wet.

One cool thing about the Snugpak towels is that they are made using Silvadur Technology that binds silver molecules (silver ions) microscopically to the travel towel surface. This makes the material antibacterial and antimicrobial to discourage the growth of bacteria and the presence of any odors, if you are in a situation where the temperatures are hot and you can’t get to a washing facility.  I didn’t use the towels every day for long enough to notice any smell building up but I did use both towels for three days in a row and the towels seemed as fresh as when they were opened from the brand new package.

One other thing to mention is the weight of the towels. Dry, the larger towel and bag weighs only 13 ounces (360 grams) and the smaller towel with bag weighs a mere 4 ounces (120 grams). Next time I travel, one of these lightweight quick dry travel towels is definitely going with me. Get the towels from SnugpakUSa.com for $15 for the hands and face towel and $25 for the head-to-toe towel.

Image courtesy of SnugpakUSA.com