Don’t we all want to make it easier to just pick up and go? When it’s Friday and you’re ready to head out of town you want to be able to just head out of town. Not go home and sort through all of your camping gear and pick out what you need on this trip, then go to the grocery store and figure out where you’re gonna go. This Tvan MK4 by Track Trailer makes it super easy and is cool as heck. In fact, it’s so cool it’s been Camper of the Year by two magazines in 2009, 2011 and 2015.

The Tvan was first released in 2000, so it’s been tried and tested. It’s made by an Australian company who is known for distinctive design and  off-road capabilities that would put some ATVs to shame. The MK4 is the latest version of this ultra-cool camp trailer and here’s why we like it. The camp trailer has a deployable tent that doubles the living space and a shade awning.

Believe it or not, a queen-sized mattress fits in the space with a large storage area underneath it. The large glass window is tinted for privacy. A 108 liter water tank (28.5 gallons) holds a good amount.

For this new version, the company has made the body sleeker. It’s got more storage and weighs even less.

They’re offering two kitchen options: the Classic Kitchen, with a two-burner stove, integrated sink, pull out sink and cutlery drawer. The Premium Upgrade Kitchen offers 30% more storage locker space than the classic and twice the bench space. The Premium kitchen has a three-burner stove and a glass-topped stainless steel cooktop that’s probably way nicer than the one you have in your house. It comes with a bottle opener, folks.

There are many options for customizing so Track Trailer doesn’t give pricing. Instead, they want people who are truly interested to get in touch with them so they can give you all of the options to make a plan for this ultra cool camp trailer that is just what you want. I poked around a little, though, and found some prices. Hey, it’s a dream.

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