A solid wallet that performs is essential for everyday carry. We got our hands on a Trayvax Summit and put it to the test. How does it handle a stack of cards and cash? You can learn more about this and other Trayvax products here: http://www.trayvax.com/collections/summit-collection

It never hurts to slim down your EDC. A good place to start is your wallet. The things can get thick with plastic, cash, receipts and other miscellaneous items. All this can make them uncomfortable to keep in your pocket.

The Trayvax Summit is an excellent way to keep the essential on you in a small and simple package. The stainless steel and nylon construction can hold around eight cards and a small amount of cash. Getting the perfect fit for what you want to carry will take a few tries, but once you do, the cards will be secure with the tension from the strap.

Since it’s slim, it’s easy to pull out of your back pocket, even when sitting down. However, your speed in getting cards out at the register will be a little slower because of the friction from the strap. It’s not terribly slow, but it’s not for the impatient.

To top it off, it’s made in the good ‘ol USA. You can find the Summit and other carry options at Trayvax.com

Music in the video is courtesy of www.bensound.com.