Think about it . . .  if you’re in a real survival situation, are you going to be using up your magnesium firestarter and gel kindling right off the bat, or will you save that and get your hands on a Bic lighter or a hundred? It’s going to take a while for the world to run out of matches and lighters, I’m guessing, so you might want to stock up on lighters and save the survival gear for when you really need it.

But, you’re thinking, lighters get wet. They can get lost. They can break. That’s all true, which is why you need to get a lighter that’s better than the others in the pack. Try the Klipp Glo Lighter from Ultimate Survival Technologies. This lighter works when wet. This lighter glows in the dark. This lighter comes with a built-in carabiner. It provides a turbo flame fueled by butane that lights up to 30,000 times. So. There you go. Purchase the Klipp Glo Lighter for $20.