Female preppers have unique items to be mindful of when gathering essentials for emergency preparedness. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the generalities of stocking necessities in the event of a bug out, such as food, clothing, and supplies.

What about the specific needs of women? The others are needs most women will relate to, and agree that it’s an essential item to be armed with in an emergency situation.

1. Sanitary and Personal Hygiene Items

This most directly references tampons and maxi-pads. This is a must-have item women don’t want to be in short supply of! As the site explains, these items serve a multi-purpose! They can used as first aid pads or fire-starting material if needed!

Prepare for the necessary medication and first aid for female hygiene needs as well as birth control planning.

2. Self-Defense Tools

Chances are you’ll have some tools that can do the trick if you tote knives, guns, machetes, axes, or other items in your supply trove. Wielding these at would-be criminals is a means of self-defense. On a less violent note, have some self-defense spray that can deter an attacker — or animal.

Choose a weapon that’s easy to use and fits well with a woman’s body type. Firearms and knives that are too large to operate skillfully are dangerous and will be inaccurate.

3. Practical Clothing and Footwear

Don’t overlook the importance of comfort and durability. Even a comfortable pair of medium-height heels won’t work in a preppers situation! Have loose-fitting, comfortable, and warm clothing. Shoes must be durable, strong, and give your feet lasting endurance. You never know how long you’ll be walking or standing when the time calls for it!

Have a supply of clothing designed for a woman’s body shape. Large vests or life jackets that aren’t cut for different body types can be uncomfortable for long-term use and even end up being dangerous.

When you have a strategic plan for what items to store and keep for emergencies you’ll know that everyone will have the specific items they need.