Teenager Emerges From Plane Wreckage and then Survives 24 Hours in the Wilderness

Autumn Veatch, 16-year-old girl, was flying in a small 3 passenger plane when it crashed over the weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Her step-grandparents who were with her still haven’t been found, but she used survival skills to get out alive.

The plane left on July 11 from Montana but never made it to its’ final destination. They encountered bad weather and couldn’t avoid slamming into a mountain. After the crash, she stayed near the wreckage for a full day before bravely deciding to take her survival into her own hands

Covered in bruises and burns, she managed to hike for two full days in the dense and dangerous forests of Washington state and was eventually found by a motorist.

Amazingly, she had the presence of mind to follow a drainage creek to a river, eventually finding a nearby trail. She pushed herself without food or water on to an eventual trail head where she was spotted.

She’s been treated for minor injuries and dehydration, but has emerged from this heartbreaking tragedy alive.

The inspiring story of her survival serves as a reminder that staying prepared for desperate circumstances is always a good idea. Her fitness of mind and body played a crucial role in helping get out of dense forests and endure intense stress.