You Must Know These 3 Ways to Gather Rainwater

No water. Are you ready? The human body can make it about three days before dying of crippling thirst. Our bodies are mostly made of water, so when we are without it our bodies can no longer function. Read below and you’ll know ways to bring precious water to your body.

Gather Rainwater with a Simple Tarp and Bucket
When rain falls you need to have a trap that has plenty of surface area. A traditional plastic tarp is a great way to gather a maximum amount of water in a short amount of time. The set up takes very little effort but the results can quench a desperate thirst.

  • Find two tree branches 4-5 feet in length. Drive one end of each into the ground so they stand solidly about 3 feet apart. Tie one end of the tarp to the top of each stick using some paracord, long grasses, or bark from a willow tree.
  • A bucket, bowl, or other container will do just fine for a water trap. At the place where the other ends of the tarp lay upon the ground, dig a hole that fits your container. Use your remaining paracord, tall grasses, or tough tree bark to tie the other two ends of the tarp together.
  • As the rain falls, the tarp will gather the water and it will flow downwards into the container.

How to Gather Rainwater from the Roof
The roof of your home or shelter is a natural rainwater trap. Take advantage of this to bring gallons of water every time it rains. Be sure to filter this water, as it will contain whatever nasty particles that may have gathered on your roof tiles.

  • Depending on the style of your gutters, you can extend the spout to divert rainwater into a large container like a barrel or large container.
  • Keep cleanliness in mind. The runoff container should have a lid that is secure and that will keep out leaves, dirt, and animals.
  • Be aware that your container may fill to the top with water. To stop flooding and overflow, divert the path of the water back to the gutter spout or into a second container.

Use an Umbrella to Gather Rain Water
Sure, it’s a stretch. But when things get desperate you need to be ready to take advantage of any materials you find. An umbrella is usually for keeping rainwater away in everyday circumstances. When you’re desperate for a drink, getting soaked by the rain is of little concern.

  • Take an umbrella that is broken or has been discarded and flip it over.
  • Poke a few small holes in the umbrella so that it can drain as it gathers rain.
  • Place the upside down umbrella on a 5-gallon bucket or container to gather the rain the drips through.

Humans cannot make it for long without water. Without food and shelter, your odds are a bit better. Use these tactics to start gathering a supply of rainwater as soon as you can for the best results.