Your “Don’t Leave Home Without It” Auto Emergency Kit Checklist

Gearing up for disasters both, big and small, entails a lot of forethought. All angles must be covered, especially when it comes to those things you will rely on most when it is most urgent.

One of the most important things you will depend on during a crisis is your mode of transportation. An auto emergency kit is just prevalent as anything else you will turn to in times of the unexpected.

Stay Powered Up
No matter where you travel it’s crucial that you have extra supplies for your truck on hand. When disaster hits you’ll be able to quickly access the items you need.

  • Jumper cables, battery chargers, a phone charger, and a flashlight with fresh batteries will keep the lights and heat on.
  • Keep a good old fashion road map atlas accessible if you’re without power to use GPS.
  • Antifreeze, roadside flares, and a spare tire with a jack should not only solve some mechanical issues but also draw attention to you if you need help.

Stay Warm
Don’t think that just because it’s summer travel you’ll be warm. If your emergency holds you overnight or the weather changes on you, be ready with protective gear.

  • Blankets, gloves, stocking cap, wool socks and extra boots will do the trick. Make sure you have enough to cover everyone in the vehicle.

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Don’t Go Hungry
You may need to spend some time waiting on help or prepare to travel on foot to get to safety. Keep food and drink accessible for those times.

  • Several gallons of bottled water and energy drinks will keep you hydrated and that’s essential to your overall health.
  • Granola and energy bars that are packed with essential calories will keep your energy up.

Stay Healthy
Keeping your thoughts and plans straight will help you stay alive. Taking care of minor injuries can extend your ability to make it out healthy and sane.

  • Pen and paper will be helpful if you need to abandon your vehicle or if you need to exchange information with anyone.
  • First aid supplies kit  and a small fire extinguisher (ABC type is good) a cheap and don’t take up much room but can keep minor issues from turning major.

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