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Do You Need a Tactical Drone Jamming Gun?

Drones. Yeah, they’re becoming more common. They’re cool, in some ways. But the loss of privacy and potential for accidents isn’t so cool.

DroneShield, which provides technology to detect and disable drones, has now developed a drone jamming gun. Available from DroneShield.

The company doesn’t disclose the price of the gun, because at this point it’s not yet available (meaning legal) for civilian use. But by all accounts the gun would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Is that a small price to pay for being able to get notice if a drone approaches you? If you know there’s a drone around, the drone jamming gun is supposed to be able to jam the drone’s signal. This either forces it to land or sends it back to its operator. The gun weighs around 12.5 pounds, and the manufacturer says it works to a range of up to about 1.25 miles (2 km). While a 12-gauge would probably take out a drone just fine, that’s not legal either.

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Mark James

Mark James

Mark James lives with his family in Western Oregon, the area that Oregon's FEMA director said "will be toast" in the event of a Cascadian earthquake. He hopes to share information to help others protect themselves and their loved ones.