10-in-1 Titanium Pocket Tool Review

When it comes to products, home goods, furniture, living spaces and even clothing, we often look for items that are versatile. Today’s modern technology and design allow us to make each possession useful in multiple ways, lightening our load at home, on the road and with our everyday collection of items we carry around.

The 10-in-1 Titanium Pocket Tool is a great example; light-weight, multi-use, functional design and small enough to fit on your key chain. The length and weight of this tool is impressive, but what really rounds this out as easy to carry is the fact that it is only 4mm thin. Unlike a swiss army knife, this tool can easily slide into the back pocket of your cell phone case or slip into the side pocket of your wallet or purse. Available with a leather sheath and paracord lanyard for easy carry, it could also be a handy addition to your key chain.

How is this tool helpful? The Titanium Pocket Tool, or TPT, has a built in universal, 15 socket wrench, a flat head screw driver, a 6mm hex bit opening, a mini pry bar, a 1-inch measurement cue on the top and a 2-inch measurement cue on the bottom, as well as a bottle opener built into the shape of the tool. Also built in, is a credit card safe, internal magnet. I haven’t tested it, but if it was a strong enough magnet, I would carry it on my key chain and then stick both to the fridge and never lose my keys. This would also keep the bottle opener handy while at home. All these tools are built into the frame, which has a carefully designed opening that fits a standard utility razor blade, complete with safety notches for adjustment and security. Although the blade is not included, the leather sheath holder has a pocket for carrying inserts, so it’s easy to add to this multi-use tool without additional size or any significant weight.

One of my favorite components in this tool is the stainless steel, dual function insert. In the shape of a razor and with the same notch adjustment configuration, this insert has a finger safe box opener on one side and a handy fork on the other side for camping, or on the road, to-go meals. Not only is this convenient, but it reduces the number of plastic forks you will use.

What this light weight multi-use tool does not have is the traditional scissors and knives of a swiss army knife or Leatherman. Still, if a razor blade can get the job done, or you’re more concerned with opening and tightening things on a daily basis, the 10-in-1 Titanium Pocket Tool could come in handy.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the tool is now sold on a variety of websites. Check it out here and purchase it for $69.

10 in 1 Titanium Pocket Tool

Images from gallantry.com