5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Home Security

Don’t be a victim of a burglary or home invasion. The following tips will help you protect your house, whether you’re at home or away.

1 – Secure Your Doors

Doors are the entry point of your home, and are often the first target of a burglar. To prevent unwanted visitors, always keep your doors locked—even when you’re at home. Install peepholes, deadbolts and security chains on your doors for added protection.

Multiple locking mechanisms make it more difficult for an intruder to kick the door open. Hinge bolts also provide an extra degree of security.

An often-overlooked way of securing your doors is asking for the identity of anyone that knocks or rings the doorbell. Instead of smashing their way in, some attackers will simply be polite and wait for the door to open for them.

2 – Protect Your Windows

Windows are particularly vulnerable to burglars. In the summer months, many people like to open their windows to get some fresh air in the house. However, these open windows are an easy target for intruders. To prevent your house from unwanted attention, always keep your windows closed and latched. Keep items of value out of sight.

Install windows that are made of reinforced glass, polycarbonate or Plexiglas. These materials are much more durable and more difficult to break than traditional glass windows and provide your home with additional security. You can also install bars on your windows or use hurricane shutters to deter burglars.

3 – Install Security and Monitoring Systems

There are many excellent systems available today that can greatly add to your home’s security. Security systems can alert you if a door or window is opened. The presence of a security system is sufficient to deter most criminals. You can also install motion sensors and security cameras to monitor your property.

Investigate monitoring systems that operate wirelessly and allow you to view footage from your home security camera remotely. Some may even allow you to control the locks and various appliances from your phone or tablet.

4 – Get a Dog

Dogs are great at alerting their owners about a person’s presence on the property. A dog’s bark can also make a would-be burglar think twice about attempting to enter your home. A trained guard dog can also defend your home should an intruder make it inside.

It’s not always easy to train a dog to be comfortable with visitors, but also guard against trespassers. You may need to enlist the help of an animal behaviorist to help this aspect of training.

5 – Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Many burglars do their dirty work under the cover of night to reduce their chances of being seen. Use lighting to your advantage. Make sure you have functioning lights that illuminate your property, especially around potential points of entry. Keep lights on inside your home, even when you’re away. Consider using timing devices to give the appearance that someone is at home. A well-lit home will make a criminal think twice before attempting a burglary.