5 Ways to Take An Attacker Down

Let’s say you’re on the hiking trail and some creep starts getting too close. Or let’s say you’re at the grocery store and some creep starts getting too close. Here are 5 ways to take an attacker down if you can’t avoid them.

1. Use a stick. Many readers of this site probably have a gun, or two, or several. But you might not have it on you and you might not want to use it. If you’re hiking, take along a sturdy walking stick. If you don’t have one, at the start of each hike pick up a sturdy branch along the trailside. Just seeing that you are carrying a small battering ram might dissuade someone from messing with you, but if not, you can use the stick like a bo, like this guy. Wacking someone in the kneecaps is gonna hurt.

2. Move in the attacker’s direction.
If you’re carrying a heavy pack, use your extra weight to your advantage. Instead of resisting the attacker’s force, throw your weight onto him. You’ll throw him off balance, hopefully enough for you to recover and get farther away from him.

3. Jab for any soft tissue.
 I recommend carrying a knife with you for protection, and learning how to use it if you have to. But if you’re not armed, practice stiffening and straightening out your hands to jab at eyes, nose, throat, groin, and any “soft tissue” place you can reach. A palm strike to the nose can immobilize a great white shark, and just about any attacker. It won’t stop them completely, but it will give you time to get away. A kick to the groin will drop just about any man.

4. Snap his fingers. 
When someone reaches their hand toward you, grab one or two of their fingers and apply pressure downward (backward). Once the fingers won’t bend anymore, keep pressing. this causes intense pain and can cause them to release their grip. If they do continue to attack you, they might be able to do a lot less damage with one or two broken fingers or a broken wrist. Once he buckles to the ground, follow up with a chop to the ears or a knee to the nose.

5. Carry pepper spray.
Tear gas or pepper spray is “non lethal” but is a good defense. They may be illegal in certain states, so check to see if you’re allowed to carry this. If you do carry it, keep it in your hand. If it is in a bag or purse, you simply won’t have time to get to it and activate it if you’re in the middle of a surprise attack. Direct the spray right at the attacker’s face at close range. Pepper spray has a blinding effect, so this may buy you time to get away or get out another weapon. Be aware that if you spray against the wind, the spray will come back at you too. after you spray, avoid contact with the person, if you can, because the volatile oils will rub off on you. If you get some on your hands and then rub your own eyes, you will be debilitated as well.