Gear For Gifts: Top EDC Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for gift ideas for someone that needs good gear each and every day? We’re going to be posting a lot of cool items over the next few weeks to point you in the direction of gifts that any outdoors person or survivalist would love to have. Heck, forget giving these as gifts! Get something cool for yourself!

SOG Knives MACV Tool

Pocket sized tools are all the rage, and SOG has put out a design that’s radically shaped and packs plenty of features in a travel friendly package. The tool is shaped like the MACV-SOG symbol, from which SOG Knives draws its heritage. The tool carries a big driver, three wrenches, a bottle opener, knife sharpener, cord cutter, several screw drivers and a pry edge. Few tools carry this many features (including the carbide sharpener) and look this awesome at the same time.

ITS Titanium Pocket Tool

I’m a fan of carrying a blade besides my pocket knife. My knife is for self defense first, and the edge should stay sharp for that purpose. I carry a multitool for utility tasks, but it can be clunky and heavy in my pocket. ITS Tactical’s titanium tool gives users a slim utility piece that offers essential features. The tool fits standard utility razors for easy replacement. The blade opening is also cut for 15 wrench sizes. The opposite end has a bit driver and a flathead/pry edge. The included leather sheath allows you to safely carry the tool in the change pocket on the right hand side of jeans.

Ontario RAT in D2

The RAT is a standard when it comes to EDC knifes, and the D2 version adds a new level of durability to the already heralded blade. D2 gives the user enhanced edge retention whether you’re cutting open boxes or making feather sticks for your fire. The handle design is unchanged, leaving the user with a very comfortable EDC tool.

Ontario RAT in D2
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Trayvax Summit Wallet

The Summit was one of the best pieces of gear I tested this year. It’s so simple yet effective in its purpose. It’s perfect for trimming down what you carry and is far more comfortable than shoving a thick wallet into your back pocket.

Maxpedition Riftcore Backpack

Maxpedition’s AGR Rifcore backpack has a shape similar to the Falcon line of packs but with revamped materials, features and an interior layout that gives near infinite options for organization. The pockets and elastic loops inside the pack allow the user to organize knives, tools, camping gear, electronics or anything else you could want to put in a backpack. The padded shoulder straps, back panel and hip belt means comfortable wear. The sleek exterior and webbing system allow this pack to fit right in while traveling or on the trail.

Maxpedition AGR Rifcore backpack