Gear for Gifts: Tactical Christmas Stocking Supports National Parks

We have two opinions about gift giving during the holidays. One side is that we love to give gifts because we really do try to pick out things that our friends and family wil appreciate. The other side is that picking out gifts people will really like that don’t cost a fortune and aren’t a waste of space is actually hard to do! We get stressed out trying to please everyone and stay in budget. One thing that makes this easy is when we find gifts that we know people will love that also help give back, to charity or a special cause, in some way.

That’s why we were so pleased to find these Tactical Christmas Stockings that support our national parks. The stockings are available in 9 colors, first of all, from red and black to camo to blue or black. And, it’s not just a stocking. These gifts come full of gear packed inside. The website doesn’t tell us what’s in them (I with it did, or at least gave a sample stocking), but overall it looks like a very cool idea. The reviews of the stocking hint at what’s inside, including a multi-tool. It’s not just one or two cheesy little things, but real items that you can use while camping and hiking.

Aside from the fact that you have to trust what’s inside is going to be cool, the stocking itself seems high quality, made of heavy duty nylon with MOLLE webbing straps. It’s got clips so it can be loaded with your own gear and fastened to your pack, or stashed inside your car trunk for emergencies. By “your,” of course, I mean the people you’re going to give it to, unless you decide to get one for yourself! Choose your tactical Christmas stocking for only $33.