29 Jun 2018

The One Plant That Grows Almost Anywhere That You Should Know

There’s one plant that grows almost everywhere that you definitely should know about for your herbal medicine cabinet. It’s one of the first plants most people consider weeds that I learned to identify. I became interested in it because it was literally growing right outside my door in the lawn,

Dandelion Flower
22 Jun 2018

Wild Edibles You Can Find Anywhere

There’s nothing more irritating to me than reading an article about survival foods that focuses only on foods in the desert southwest, for instance, or woodland plants of the East Coast. I’m not in those places, and I’m not likely to be there in an emergency. Of course, it’s up

Reseason Your Cast Iron
27 Apr 2018

Reseason your Cast Iron Pans

I got lucky enough to acquire a full set of different size cast iron cookware from an ex-roommate nearly 25 years ago. He didn’t want to take them with him and I couldn’t bear to see anyone else get them. Even though I’ve moved multiple times since then, I’ve never

A woman trained in the martial arts using an armbar against a mugger
18 Apr 2017

How to Get Away From Someone Who is Dragging You

Over recent days I think it’s fair to say that most of us have heard about the man who was dragged – literally dragged – off a plane because he didn’t voluntarily leave when the crew randomly appointed people to leave an overbooked flight. This video that a friend showed

Hiker girl in the mountains
18 Jan 2017

10 Best Tips for Backwoods Hygiene

After a few days in the woods, you’re going to start smelling like a bear. Maybe you don’t care, but the bears might! Here are our 10 best tips for backwoods hygiene. 1. Avoid bacteria and bugs. Most of the ways that you are going to get sick in the

A Cure For Viruses?
28 Nov 2016

A Cure For Viruses?

We’ve learned of some amazing ideas and inventions from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Here’s one that sounds like it has a big promise to backup . . . A doctor named Todd Rider has invented DRACO, which stands for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizers. This is beyond our biological knowledge, but from

Tips for year-round healthy skin
11 Sep 2016

5 Ways to Keep Skin Healthy Skin Year Round

Keeping skin healthy all year-round takes some effort. Each season presents its own set of unique environmental conditions that can cause damage to the skin, but taking an active approach in preventing lasting effects of damage will pay off over time. Skin is a person’s most visible feature, the first

Don't ignore signs of dehydration
18 Aug 2016

7 Signs of Dehydration You Should Never Ignore

Severe dehydration can cause life-threatening problems. Even mild dehydration can be serious, if you’re doing something like climbing or skiing or rescuing injured people. Your body and skin will tell you if you have enough fluids and you could really end up hurting yourself by ignoring it. Several factors contribute to dehydration,

Assemble a Pet First-Aid Kit
05 Aug 2016

Assemble a Pet First-Aid Kit

Summertime means more people are out and about, including bringing their four-legged friends along. While the weather’s warm and the living is easy, as they say, there are more things out in the environment that can cause problems with animals. Protect your pet with pet first aid and have a

Animals can be injured in unexpected ways in summertime
07 Jul 2016

7 Hidden Dangers of Summer for Pets

Summer has several dangers for pets that people may not think about. Like humans, dogs and cats get dehydrated and overheated. Providing adequate water and shade are a given, but what about the hidden dangers that summer poses for pets? 1 – Heat stroke. It’s not unprecedented for animals to