These 5 fabrics do the best job of keeping you cool
27 Jun 2016

5 Trusty Fabrics to Keep You Cool During the Scorching Summer Months

Certain fabrics keep you cooler during the summer months, while other fabrics do the opposite. When you’re outside in the scorching heat, you want to be comfortable, yet also protected from bugs and sun. These 5 fabrics are the best if you want to stay cooler outside this summer. 1. Cotton.

Simple Ways to Avoid Bee Stings
20 Jun 2016

5 Simple Bee Sting Prevention Tips for Summer

Summertime is fun, but bee stings aren’t. There are some crazy simple tips that can prevent most stings from bees and wasps. 1– Avoid wearing perfume or cologne. Some scents attract bees. Nectar-seeking bees and wasps will be especially attracted to anything floral, even from a distance. When the bees

How to avoid the Zika virus
15 Jun 2016

7 Tips for Avoiding the Zika Virus

Experts are saying that the Zika virus is a dangerous threat to civilization. This quickly-spreading virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and has been suspected in causing thousands of cases of microcephaly, a birth defect. Adults affected by the Zika virus may experience fever, rashes, joint pain and other symptoms. There