5 Trusty Fabrics to Keep You Cool During the Scorching Summer Months

Certain fabrics keep you cooler during the summer months, while other fabrics do the opposite. When you’re outside in the scorching heat, you want to be comfortable, yet also protected from bugs and sun.

These 5 fabrics are the best if you want to stay cooler outside this summer.

1. Cotton. This fabric is lightweight and comfortable. Cotton likes to absorb water and is breathable. The fact that it absorbs water makes it not a good choice in the wintertime, when the fabric holds water in and doesn’t evaporate. In the summertime, if you’re sweating a lot, this aspect can make cotton an uncomfortable choice.

2. Linen. Linen consists of a porous weave, enabling heat to leave your body. It is also lightweight. This fabric is great for summer because it’s very absorbent, removing moisture from your skin quickly. Even if it’s stiff, it’s cling-free on your body.

3. Silk. Silk is a fabric to wear during the summer because it’s soft and luxurious, and has a thin, light feel. You can wear something with full coverage like a silk pantsuit and not feel as though you’re wearing bulky clothing. While silk absorbs moisture, it helps stay you dry. Silk is a delicate fabric, and since the fibers have a tendency to break down in sunlight, it’s a better option for evening wear.

4. Crinkled textures. These fabrics don’t cling to the body. Cotton crepe is fabric consisting of yarn that’s twisted extra-tight so that it has a crimped texture instead of a straight and smooth finish. Crepe rests nicely on the body, but doesn’t directly touch the skin, because of the “crumples.” Crepe cotton is a lighter fabric than linen, and is one of the most absorbent fibers to wear during summer. It pulls moisture away from the body.

5. Mesh and eyelet. Eyelet has holes embroidered in the fabric that allows air in and out to cool off the skin. It’s this movement over the skin that keeps you cool during the scorching heat. Mesh is similar to eyelet. Athletes favor this fabric. It has a lot of holes, which makes it lightweight compared to solid fabrics. Mesh and eyelet are considered superior choices for summer over sheer because it can too revealing to be worn alone.  Moreover, you’ll wear double the layers for coverage. It’s also noted that a good bra is suggested for these summer fabrics that keep you cool!