How to Make Your Vehicle a Fortress of Safety

In an emergency situation, every possible route to survival must be considered. A car or truck can play a huge role in protecting you and your loved ones. Prepare for anything by planning ahead. Maps, weapons, and survival tools should all have a place in your ride. Keep survival  in mind when you’re ready to make a vehicle purchase, too.

What to Consider in a Vehicle
If you force the wrong vehicle to perform certain maneuvers you might just make the situation more dangerous. For example, large trucks with very little weight in the back or tall vehicles like Jeeps are not built to take turns and corners quickly. They have a high risk of flipping over. They are best for off-road and bad weather situations.

  • A car that is powerful and easy to handle is the best option for evasive driving. A reliable and well-constructed car can be a friend in desperate circumstances. An automatic transmission can allow the driver to concentrate more on the road, but a manual transmission can give you more power if used properly.
  • Four-wheel drive is great for off-road, snow, or muddy conditions, but really slows down the vehicle’s potential speed out on the open road. For some more complex evasive maneuvers and negotiating tight corners, a rear-wheel drive is the most reliable option.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Emergency Driving
It is very important to keep your car in good condition so that, if disaster strikes, you can be sure it will perform. Does your car have all it needs?

  • Keep the car’s tires in good condition. Evasive driving requires strong tires for tight turns and ugly road conditions. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle. You can lower your air pressure a little to increase grip in snowy or heavy dirt environments.
  • Brakes, battery, and headlights should all be in good working order. Oil levels and radiator condition should be checked and maintained. Keep at least half of a tank of gas in the car at all times to cut down on your need to stop and fill up when time is short.
  • Protect yourself from thieves. Add a locking gas cap if possible. Items like gasoline become very precious during emergencies because they are a limited resource.
  • Add a CB Radio or Police Scanner. These items are always in use by law enforcement, so you can use them to either find help or avoid possible dangerous situations. Keep your scanner tuned to stay informed about emergency situations in your area. A call about a nearby house fire or vehicle accident can help you stay on a route clear of traffic.
  • You may need to use a weapon to disable the tires of a threatening car. Shots from a pistol like a .45 will damage the tires but they will deflate slowly. Use a shotgun with slug ammunition or a rifle to totally disable the tires of a car that poses a threat to you.
  • Add an escape tool to your vehicle’s arsenal. These tools are used by professionals and are safe and reliable. They can feature a blade with which to cut seatbelts as well as a pointed steel head that shatters car windows. Tools like this are crucial if you find yourself in vehicle stuck in water or flipped over on the highway.

Your car or truck can be a safe place during an emergency. Make sure that you have it equipped for any situation. The tools and preparations you make don’t have to cost much, but can end up saving your life.