How to Prepare for a Home Invasion

We could all probably say, almost down to the exact penny, how much we paid for our most valued possessions. The ATV in the garage, the flat screen T.V., and the leather couch, we know just how much they are worth. There is no way you can place a monetary value on the loved ones that you live with. It’s possible to say There is no amount, no number that pops up on the cash register, and no receipt for them.


What Really Matters in a Survival Scenario?
Possessions are meaningful, certainly. We hold our technological gadgets and our precious items very close to the heart. If survival is on the line, the value that some things hold can change in the blink of an eye.

  • A jug of water can suddenly be worth more than the television you once desperately wanted. Think about what you can replace easily, and what can never be replaced. In an emergency, our loved ones and our basic needs are our most valued possessions.
  • Is that couch or television worth more than you support network, your cache of canned food or your first-aid kit? Think about it and be ready to choose.


Reasons Why Your Neighbor May Present a Risk
Survival for many people means taking the possessions that others hold so dear, even if it’s done by violent force and intimidation. A determined home invader will stop at nothing to find what they want, and they do not care for your family as you do.

  • To an invader bent on their own survival, your loved one is just another barrier between them and what they need. They will look for the fastest way to get what they want and get out.
  • Invaders are always under the influence of greed, need, drugs, fear, or usually a combination of all. The best defense for such an invasion is a practiced plan and calm, quick decision making.
  • When survival is at risk, do not underestimate the desire of some neighbors, relatives, or friends. Many home invasions are actually the work of friends and family because they know about the window you keep open or about where you put that spare key.


What Happens When the Plan is in Action
A desperate person makes hasty and poorly planned choices. Make a plan with your roommates or family so that you won’t be desperate in survival situations. Every home and family will have their own plans and needs, but consider a few strategies for plan formation.

  • Create a codeword or phrase with your loved ones so that when a threat is present you won’t need to explain yourself. When time is short, one quick word can do much more than trying to explain exactly what is happening.
  • In addition to the codeword, every person should have a role and a place to go. Keeping things simple for each person will reduce the amount of movement and confusion in the situation.


Remaining Calm in Emergencies
The life and healthy survival of you and your loved ones is priceless. Don’t fall into the trap of tranquility. When an emergency strikes the best way to react is by fulfilling your role in the plan that has been created and practiced previously. If your family or roommates are doing the same, you know that they are safe and you can execute your role with confidence. You’ll need to abandon the value system that you’ve spent your life with, understanding that any material possessions can be replaced. People, however, cannot be. If your survival is in danger, things like food, water and medical supplies are more important than any other items. Cool heads prevail in emergency situations.