Stay Warm and Dry with the Inferno Sleeping Bag Hammock

I love the idea of sleeping in a hammock. I just love hammocks in general. But in the Pacific Northwest, if you don’t have the right gear (and even sometimes if you do) you can awake in a puddle on the floor of your tent after a night of unrelenting rain.

This Inferno Cocoon Hammock keeps you off the ground. Put up a tarp as a protective cover above you and you’re all set.

The Inferno is a two-piece sleeping bag that consists of a Top quilt and an UnderQuilt that is also the sleeping bag.The Top Quilt goes inside the hammock so you stay warm from the top. The UnderQuilt goes under your hammock, so you stay warn from the bottom.

The sleeping bag’s hood fully encloses the should, head and neck so your head stays warm. A shaped foot area lets you move your feet without feeling like you’re bound up (the one thing I don’t like about sleeping bags!). There’s also space like this around your elbows and knees, which should help with that restrictive feeling.

The Inferno comes in two temperature ratings…30 degrees and 0 degrees (Fahrenheit). Both Inferno components are filled with 800 FP water repellent Downtek.

Made from hydraShield fabric that is water repellent, it should be able to stand up to pretty much any soaker as long as you’ve got a cover over you. With the rain we get in the Pacific Northwest, I wouldn’t trust it!

Remember when we wrote about this Nube Stratos Hammock Shelter? The Inferno is made by the same people….Sierra Madre Research. This article about the Inferno repeatedly says that the Inferno is sized to match and fit “your hammock” perfectly, but it doesn’t specify what type of hammock they’re talking about. I’m guessing they are referring to one of their own hammocks. No idea on how well this system would work if you just had any ol’ generic hammock, but if you’re seriously considering buying one that is a question I would ask, for sure. Otherwise, the whole Nube Hammock Shelter system is an add-on for this hammock sleeping system with an add-on price of 14% off.

Interested? Kickstarter support packages for this project start at $179 for just the UnderQuilt.

Inferno Sleeping Bag Hammock

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