Video Gear Review: Boker Plus Outdoorsman Knife

A good knife is an essential part of any outdoors kit. A knife can aid with many tasks like shelter building, food preparation, fire building and self-defense.

But shopping for knives can come down to finding the best quality blade for the lowest price. There are plenty of options in the knife world, and Boker has introduced a fixed blade that delivers a well built knife for less than $40.

The Boker Plus Outdoorsman is designed for, of course, outdoorsmen and hunters. The blade is Sandvik 12C27 steel with a titanium coating for corrosion resistance. A good thing about the coating is that it’s smooth and doesn’t get in the way of batoning and feather stick making. The blade is has a 3.5 inch fine edge and is .17 inches thick, which gives you a durable and light package. The drop point has a false edge that covers about half the blade, which gives the knife great penetration.

But beware, it should not be your first choice if you expect to be prying things apart. The handle is plastic with a rubber molding. With or without gloves, it offers a solid grip on the knife. But I found it to be a little small, so users with smaller paws may get a better fit and feel for the knife. There are four holes in the construction which allow you to lash it to a pole for a spear.

Since it’s a light and short blade, it does not fare well with chopping. It can however baton smaller sticks to make kindling. The knife is great at making tinder piles. The blade holds a good edge and makes very fine cuts on dry wood.

To top it off, the spine of the blade, while not a totally sharp 90 degrees, can make sparks off a Ferrocerium rod.

My main issue with the knife is that it comes with a Cordura sheath that is only for righties (sorry, a southpaw is writing here). Also, it isn’t flush with knife’s construction, which is starting to wear away at the fabric after some insertion and removal.

But all things considered, the Outdoorsman is a solid blade that delivers good quality at a fair price. Purchase the Boker Plus Outdoorsman for $60.